leaves spotting

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    There's something wrong with the leaves

    Strain - Super Lemon Haze # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 10 Gallon Lights - 80 Watt CFL x2 Nutrients - N/A Medium - Plagron Royalmix NPK 1/2/1 PPM - 900 PH - 6.5 RH - 35% to 55% Room Temperature -78 to 84 Solution Temperature -65 to 69 Room Square Footage...
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    Spots on Leaves

    Can anybody tell me what may be causing these spots. They are all over the plant.
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    My Plant leaves are looking weird

    Hello. This is my first grow. I have been growing outdoors on my 2nd story balcony. I started with 5 germinated seeds and ended up with 3 female plants. It has been very good so far. I have one that started flowering very early. It is almost ready to harvest. I am using the Flora...
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    Help! Plant leaves are spotting then dying

    Please Help
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