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  1. M

    So discouraged

    Hi All, I'm a grandmom fast approaching retirement age and decided I'd try growing my own supply. I've smoked for over 40 years at first for fun and now to help with neuropathy pain from Diabetes type 2. I purchased 3 seeds, Blue dream auto, AK 49 auto and chocolope auto. I live on acreage...
  2. C

    Trimming fan leaves

    Black Indica has large fan leaves. Will they reduce production by blocking the sun? If so, is it helpful to trim the the biggest or does that harm the plant?
  3. W

    Slow grow - Thick stems - Many leaves

    Hi, Strain: Barneys Blue Cheese Autoflower Mediun: soil, coco, perlite, peat, pebble Vessel: Smart pot Fert: Greenhouse powderfeeding grow + phed tap water (stood 2 weeks before usage) Light: 3w white leds, total 144 watts (car led bar lights experiment) Light distance: 50 cm As plant...
  4. C

    Any ideas?

    Just wondering what could be causing my issues here. Have 2 sappy sour x2s here 17 days into flower with 2 45 watt full spectrum led grow bulbs. Getting alot of the bottoms leaves just turning yellow and dying off. A few of the kolas have yellow tips on the very top sets of leaves not under...
  5. B

    Light Burn ~5 weeks into flower

    I have 5 girls going: 1 o'haze red, 2 critical kush, and 2 blueberry. They are currently at 32 days into flower. The calyxes are just starting to fatten up & really look like bud. Last week, I noticed the OR & one of the blueberries started showing some light burn on the top few fan...
  6. C

    What's causing this?

    I have some sappy sour x2 17 days into flower. I have some yellowing tips around one of my kolas. Yellowing and dying bottom leaves and some weird stuff going on on some other leaves. Pretty new to growing this is my first from seed plants. Pics in replys
  7. G

    Yellow leaves with burnt tips

    Hi, Pics below are taken today, Week 6 day 6 of flower (after the flip) This is my first WW and it behaves quite different from my previous grows, In end of week 4 some of the lower leaves started turning light green/yellow, I started upping the nutes (GHE Flora) to + 5,10 and then 15% but the...
  8. S

    Pitiful plant

    My plant is sad. 4wks into veg. growing in ocean forest , leaves curling ,have black spots starting on leaves, lower leaves yellowing /drooping. Upper leaves green rolling up, leaves close together not spread out like fan leaves should. Look's like lack of potassium, manganese ? any ideas...
  9. O

    Which deficiency and what to do?

    Hi, this is my first grow and I made the mistake and started using filtered water few weeks ago and started having yellow leaves not only the older leaves mostly the leaves in the middle and the new leaves looking washed out and Im not sure what to do (Epson salt?) I would like to know for...
  10. Mosspb


    Hello all, I was working at a very sizeable operation this week, and was given about 3 pounds of wet clippings. The clippings are from and automated trimmer, and at the consistency of lawn mower clippings. These clippings are all from sugar leaves or directly from the bud itself so they're...
  11. Bizz Beachbum

    Purple Leaves

    Problem: First timer Symptoms: My girls are close to finishing (2 weeks maybe) and are showing signs of advanced ill health. The leaves became lighter in colour with a few purple stems about 4 weeks ago and now have purple leaves. Upper leaves are almost banded purple and green, later turning...
  12. P

    Good people - Save my darling

    Hello to all, First of all, I have to say I realy did my homework and tried to find, whats happeing to my mj. I have 250W HPS in 60x60x150 box. In the box I grow 4 platns, 2 blue dreams (blimburnseeds) and 2 white strawberry skuns (strain hunters). All plants are 8 days old (I started counting...
  13. L

    Yellow bottom leaves & clawing

    Hey guys, This is my first grow (only growing a couple of plants) and doing it outdoor. One of my plants, a Durban Poison, is having a few issues. It's got yellowing lower leaves with brown spots in the middle, but the top newer leaves appear to be clawing as well. It was growing super well...
  14. ckenney82

    White Widow Autoflower Grow Journal

    Resources: Humboldt Nutrients Growers Lounge Marijuana Seeds Canada - Buy Cannabis Seeds For Sale - Crop King This is my first grow ever. I cant guage ppm or lux. Type: Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica Effect: Strong High THC...
  15. R

    Does anyone have any idea what these brown spots are on my leaves?

    This is one of the leaves of the second pair of true leaves that developed on one of my plants. The plant is now 2 1/2 weeks old and a couple of days ago this set of leaves started developing these brown spots. Prior to developing these spots this set of leaves also seemed to develope a twist...
  16. R

    Need Help! Auto White Widow - Urgent!

    Hi, this is my first grow, and i am having trouble with my auto WW, right now she is 7 weeks old, from seed to flower(7weeks), and from what i can tell, she looks like she almost ready for harvest so my problem, is that the fan leaves are turning yellow/ dying, and some of the sugar leaves...
  17. A

    Will this clone?

    Whilst walking home I saw a nice plant on a bank. I would have liked to pull the whole thing out but it was too big and people will see me carrying a big plant home lol. So I quickly broke off this part from the top and cut the fan leaves off and shortened the other leaves. I broke off an aloe...
  18. S

    Damaged leaves

    Growing in coco. I flushed 13 days ago with phed tap water, let bags dry till lite, and then started 1/2 gal of tap water per day. Bags got a little heavy so I cut it to 1 qt. per day. Today is day 7 of water only and the oldest leaves are doing this. Starts as a redish hue along the leaf edges...
  19. T

    Fan leaves - Can I use them for blunt?

    HI guys, I was wondering if it's possible to use the larger fan leaves from my plants to roll a pure cannabis blunt. I don't know much about blunts, so this is probably a bad idea, but have you ever tried? Is there some peculiar way to cure the leaves in order to be rolled? Stay...
  20. P

    Screwy accidental re-vege indoor outdoor situation

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm going to be honest I haven't grown grass in around 20 years so I am more or less a noob. I found a seed in a bag of gorilla glue and germinated it first week of august so ca. 16 weeks ago. I started growing this guy outside and it took me a while to buy a light...
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