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  1. P

    Screwy accidental re-vege indoor outdoor situation

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm going to be honest I haven't grown grass in around 20 years so I am more or less a noob. I found a seed in a bag of gorilla glue and germinated it first week of august so ca. 16 weeks ago. I started growing this guy outside and it took me a while to buy a light...
  2. vyserage

    Cant find this answer anywhere (When to harvest at the very latest with a sick plant?

    So i've searched a decent amount and can not find this similar question or even guess at an answer. My middle plant in my grow room (will refer to plant as #5 from here on) started doing some bad yellowing bottom up and purple leaves between veins. I figured it out to lack of nutrients after...
  3. N

    Sudden Brown Spots & Yellow Leaves - Help!

    Hey guys, so I did a flush last Friday (using fox farm soil and they recommend a flush after week 4) and both of my plants are looking awful. One of the plants has had issues since week 2 and I haven't been able to sort it out. The leaves have been turning brown, drying up, and falling off. My...
  4. C

    Should I cut out the yellow leaves?

    I'm 2-3 weeks away from harvest. Some leaves in mid/lower canopy started slowly yellowing 3 weeks ago. I assume the flowers are leaching the leaves. Neut uptake seems good for most of the leaves. Aside from the color they seem fine. Are they still doing a job?
  5. S

    Yellow leaves during flowering

    Im a new grower my plants are in flowering stage and everything was going fine buds making but now leaves are turnig yellow and crunchy curling down. The bud is growing slowly but its growing... Ikno i have shitty lab but what should i do?
  6. vyserage

    How long after a deficiency do you see improvement?

    As title says, how long? I noticed my leaves were begenning to purple between veins which as i have researched is a sign of not enough phosphorus. I fed my plants 2 days ago and its kind of hard to tell but i think those same leaves are still going purple instead of stopping. Tips? I hadnt...
  7. F

    Cause of corkscrewing leaves is brown pod like micro with roots under leaves?

    Hi, Alaska Peninsula, imported soil from Amazon Inside grow Soil (home mix of 1x previous flushed used soil, 1x new soil, 1x per-lite and 1x worm carcasses. T5 HO florescent Many power outages and unsteady timer times, new clones are coming back from flower stage to grow. Many...
  8. flytier

    Flytier's First Shot at Hash Oil - Turned Out Great!

    Hey Everybody! I've just finished doing a concentrate and I'd like to pass on my experience at it. Earlier the week I was telling Bignstrange about the leaves that I was smoking and he said I should make some ISO hash with them. So I looked up how to do it on a bunch of different websites and...
  9. IndyRacerNick

    Cure going bad on day 1?

    Hello everyone, This is the 3rd plant I have done now since spring, and I have a question regarding the dry and cure The first 2 plants dried in about 3 days, no light, no fans, airflow, no direct air, but humidity was low @ 30%~ When I put into jars there were NO moisture. Very dry buds...
  10. Q

    Orange splotches on leaves with pictures - Please help!

    Hello, My Soil: organic garden soil mixed with perlite My Nutrients: BioThrive Grow and Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus pH'd in the 6's My Light: 300W LED I've noticed these orange splotches and I have no idea what they are, I'm still new at growing, and I found this on my Green Crack in...
  11. S

    Leaf Problems

    Hi, I have a Green Crack plant (indica dominant strain from Crop King Seeds) that is in its third week of flowering. It has something going on with its leaves. The lower ones are yellowing, "scabby", and shrivelling up. The rest of the leaves have tiny clear specks on them. Anyone know what...
  12. N

    Layer of leaves looks to be eaten off?

    Hey guys, I am growing some Northern Lights Auto and this is my first grow. They are about 20 days old. Growing under a 600w LED in fox farm soil at 20/4 light cycle. I noticed yesterday that there were some spots on the leaves that look like something ate the top layer of the leaf off. I...
  13. Q

    Orange Splotches On Leaves - With Pictures

    Hello, My current soil: organic garden soil mixed with perlite My nutrients: BioThrive Grow (4 tsp) and Botanicare Cal-Mag (1 tsp) into a gal of water pH'd in the 6's My plants were suffering from a previous soil and nutrient deficiencies, so I transferred them to my current soil and...
  14. B

    Tips of the leaves are looking down

    Hello everyone, I'm the new member of this community. This is my first grow and I'm little bit over worried about many things but I'm not making any actions without proper search on the forums. I was not able to find an answer about my problem so I decided to create the new thread. (Hope it's...
  15. D

    Some of the leaves are wilting and dying

    what can the problem be?
  16. D

    Plant has a few deficiencies - Purple Haze Auto Day 49

    hi there my bootom leaves are all yellowing with green spots and dieing and also all my leaves at the top seem to have deficienys the leaves are all black/dark brown on the very tip and some rusty colour over some leaves I always adjust PH after i add nutes, i only use the...
  17. T

    White leaves

    My leaves are turning white. Does not look fuzzy like mold and no evidence of mites. Any clues as to the cause. You can't feel anything on the leaves either.
  18. Ron Strider

    How To Trim Cannabis Flowers

    Whether you're harvesting your first marijuana crop or you're trying to land a job as a "trimmer," you're probably wondering how to trim cannabis flowers properly. In recent years we've seen several expensive trimming machines become available, but most growers, trimmers, and consumers agree...
  19. H

    Leaves Drooping A Lot

    The leaves of my girls are drooping a lot a couple of hours before and after the light turns off/on. So far this morning it has been drooping for over 3hrs and still going. They are gradually perking up but they went straight down last night. Is this normal? I have smaller plants under the same...
  20. T

    New to growing

    Hi All, This is my first attempt at growing. I am having some issues. I planted 5 seeds in plastic cups with 1/4 cup of kind soil base with coco loco on top to fill on 24 Sep. Four seeds have sprouted. However, the leaves are now yellowish on the ends of three seedlings. I think I...
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