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  1. S

    Help I am so confused - Auto Skunk not flowering

    I purchased some Skunk no.1 autos from Sensi seeds. Im growing in a small grow tent under a Marshydro 300 (150 watt) in a 27 cm pot. Right now its 42 day since the seed popped and she has grown pretty bushy. Ive messed up the nutrients and as a result she is burned and all yellow. I had PH...
  2. Sneakygreen

    OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent

    1st indoor grow I ordered seeds from herbies and after a few weeks nothing. So I sent an email notifying them of this and they resent for me received two weeks later! I ordered feminised white widow seeds I also got a dinafem og kush and 2 afganis as freebis! The next day I germed 1 wwxbb and...
  3. K

    MarsHydro 150W LED reflector

    Has anyone used just a MarsHydro 150W LED reflector series to grow with? Or Mars reflector series at any wattage? I am in the middle of a grow using a MarsHydro 150W reflector, I started off with CFLs and a 12w LED and replaced the 12W with the 150W. I was wondering if anyone can share...
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