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    Lights unpacked and set up.
  2. LKABudMan

    1st Grow: Jumping Into The Deep End, DWC

    It just became legal in Virginia to grow four plants a couple of months ago. I gave some old bag seed to my brother and father, and they both started growing in soil. I have some gardening experience, but I do not get good sun, and would prefer to grow indoors. I home-brewed previously, and...
  3. T

    TJ's SuperSoil Apple Blossom Organic Grow Journal - 2021

    Strain: Apple Blossom from Humboldt Seed Company Effect: Hybrid (50% Indica 50% Sativa) | Average THC 26-30% Still setting up indoor grow; plan to start within 2 weeks 2/3 Dr. Earth Pot of Gold potting soil on top & 1/3 Super Soil mix from Fox Farms on bottom 5 gallon Air-Pots 2 plants 600 W LED...
  4. OldSchool1965

    Critique my setup please - 2x4 tent LED Dutch Bucket - First indoor grow

    HYDRO GROW Strain - TBD autos # of Plants - 3 autos in rotation / perpetual Grow Type - Hydro 2x4 Tent Setup - Dutch Buckets Light - OPTIC LED OPTIC 2 COB LED GROW LIGHT 400 (actual 205W). Two of these lights Nutrients - GH Maxi or Masterblend 4-18-38 + Medium - Perlite / Vermiculite...
  5. Flashashh

    Flash's Pynamite Coco Grow With LED's

    Welcome to my first ever grow journal! I've been an avid follower of the 420 mag site for a few years and have learned so much from all of the amazing members here. After reading for some years i have decided its time to give back to the site and hopefully help other members like myself. i...
  6. S

    Peace - Picking a light

    So, I have read so much it's all running together. Someone, anyone, all, give me usable feedback. I'm set on LED at this point. It's the best fit for my application. Products that work dependably. Full spectrum, blue-red adjustability. Size of field 4'w x3'd x 10'h Maximum grow, 3. I...
  7. L

    ETL Certified Lumini LED Grow Lights

    Good news! Lumini LED grow lights have passed ETL test, now 4 models are ETL listed, ETL label is a proof of our lights compliance to North American safty standards! 1. 400w LuminiGrow 450R2 with evenly-distributed illumination, wifi controllable http://www.luminigrow.com/luminigrow450r1/...
  8. C

    L.A Confidential in coco under LED

    hi, i got seeds from a friend and those come from weed that he buy. The buds was full of seeds. 2 years later i decided to try to germinated them and they have all germinate. but in a hydro shop a guy tell me, the seed that came from buds like what i got are not good one to grow, so i want...
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