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  1. T

    DWC fine tuning

    Good evening and happy new year . my name is Tes im new to the site and am looking for a little help. I've been reading all over the internet several websites give seven different answers. Seems to me growing isn't black and white and you just have to jumo in and get your hands dirty to really...
  2. ShirleyBigBud

    Shirley' First Grow! Soil - 450W LED - Autos

    so finally after pestering the misses for long enough she gave in! i can grow my own shmoke ;] so for my grow i have got myself an 80x80x160cm tent along with a 450W LED, ive got a FANFLOW in-line fan with my 'large carbon filter'. i am going to be growing one Ayahuasca Purple (Barney's...
  3. greengostarr

    My Mystery Indica Reveg

    So, as a quick intro to this journal, I'll give you a little of my background and the background of this grow. I have only really grown outdoors before in a very hot and arid environment. My only real experience with indoor growing was about 30 years using fluorescent. However, due to the...