led 600watt

  1. Troy01

    Troy's First Grow - Animal Cookies & Platinum OG Clones - DWC & Soil - 2017

    I’m relatively new to cultivation of weed. My only previous experience outdoor grow 25 years ago using bag seeds. I live in Northern California and this grow is for medical use under my Doctor’s referral. I generally don’t smoke weed but generally convert it to a tincture. What strain is...
  2. King Kamfa

    First Time Posting - First Grow - 4 Weeks Veg Under 600W LED - 20 On 4 Off

    Strain- Pineapple Express clones In vegg 4 weeks. Indoor closet grow. Soil- fox farms 30% pro mix 50% 5% pounds crushed coral 5% abalone shells 10% red wrigglers with compost. For the whole grow. Nutrients- None Pot size- started in 1 gallon pots repotted to 10 gallon. Light- 600watt led...