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    Abandoned BlueRussian - CKS Dark Angel Strain - Indoor - Grow Tent

    BlueRussian - CKS Dark Angel strain (Indoor Grow Tent) Hello and welcome fellow growers, So before I start, I'll apologize in advance for the rather lengthy intro, but I felt I should put it all out there instead of updating later on. Either way I hope you enjoy the process as much as I...
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    Need help setting up a new grow room! with SCROG, LED light, and DWC hydro system !!

    Hi i am new to this forum but I will try to do my Best to describe my question here, I have a grow room right now that is unfortunately too small for the recent needs, I will be upgrading In a 500 sqr foot room. Which I don't plan on using entirely for the moment. The room is situated in a...
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