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led auto grow

  1. b0rker

    3 x Girl Scout Cookies - 550W LED - Indoor - Soil

    Now that I've got 3 indoor grows under my belt.. it was high time to upgrade the equipment.. I'm hooked on growing and want to advance further. I was thinking about going Hydro but after some reading.. I'm just not ready to take that plunge.. so for now, it'll be a soil grow. Here's some...
  2. LEDRF

    Perfect Sun Mini LED Cardboard Box Stealth Grow - Auto Ultimate 123W

    I plan to get at least 4.4oz, from this grow, which would be 1 gram per watt. I will be growing an auto Ultimate by Dutch Passion, from Herbie Seeds, a sponsor here- For those that don't know I grew a 2.9 pound auto Critical. I also grew a 14.8oz auto Northern Lights. I have grown several...