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led grow box

  1. oh666god

    1.6' x2.5' grow space: Need lighting tips!

    I am currently working on a discreet grow build. I am using a wardrobe and have 1.6'x2.5' of grow space. I looked into DIY LED lighting (loved the idea) and got myself; - x1 185H-C1400B driver + 100k pot - x4 CXB3070 CREE 3000K 80CRI (I know, i should have gotten the 90 CRI - next build!) COB -...
  2. B

    Need Help with home built stealth grow box (pics)

    Ok, so 1st timer here. New to growing and to the forum. I built this grow box out of a old tv cabinet I found. I converted it to a 38"22"x58" closet. I installed a Mars II 900w Led from top led, a mini 7 1/2" oscillating fan and a 4" hurricane fan & 8x16"carbon filter kit from...
  3. 2

    LED fixture confusion

    Hi, Im new to this forum and i plan on doing my first grow very soon. I've been keeping reef tanks for about 4 years now and have become quite good at it. To the point that i make a small income growing and selling corals that i grow in my house. Its really become my obsession lol. It amazed me...
  4. S

    Which lamp fits me LED lamp

    Hello friends :peace: I am looking to buy a LED for Grow I grow in a small space I grow for myself so I did not need too much I also grow Automatic To reduce the time and height :Namaste: Since I can not use HPS and MH " A lot of noise and have a big place and the heat hooo the heat lol " I...
  5. C

    Supernova Grow Box

    Hello, im new here and I need some help! I'm interested on buying a LED SuperNova in fact this one with all the upgrades LED Grow Cabinets | Hydroponic Grow Box | Grow Box Reviews I need some advice since im wondering if it works since I have hear that smells and makes noise from other...
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