led grow flowering burn

  1. F

    How to overcome height requirements on LED lights

    Here's my problem: I have a 2x2x4 tent and an old-style MarsHydro 300W LED that my plan was to use for med MJ. But even with training and cropping my plants (2) I only have about 9" of headspace between them and the light. That's all there is, there ain't no more! I've found out, since I...
  2. Tomula

    My first grow leaf burn - Soil indoors under LEDs 14day flower - Advice needed - Newb

    Hello everyone on :420:! First time grower here! I have a problem with my plant, looks like a light/heat burn to me but I could be wrong as I am a newbie. My solution as for now is to buy second fan to pull the air in and out. Any feedback is welcome. Some info for you: Strain: WW/Ak47 from...
  3. I

    9squaremeters with 4x 1000wled, help flowering problems important

    Hi, I need help , I use 9 squaremeters with 100plants, using 4x 1000w led grow Now currently in flowering time 12 / 12, the situation look very bad compare to regular 1000w hps What to do to get the most result with this 4x 1000w led grow full spectrum ? ADDING HPS LIGHTS ? how...
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