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led grow light question

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    3w or 5w diodes is the question

    3w or 5w diodes. which work better and for what reason and application, coverage vs intensity I guess?
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    LED Lighting

    I want to replace my 1000w MH and 1000w HPS lighting with LED Lights, looking for some advice on what brands and models to use, 3 x 5' x 5' tents used. 1 for veg and 2 for flower at different stages. Is there an all in one LED light that enables you to veg and flower or is it better to buy...
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    Advanced LED Diamond Series - 200w LED Grow Light

    Does anyone out there have this light Instruction Manuals Advanced LED Diamond Series - 200w LED Grow Light or know anyone who does? Why? I bought this of a guy on amazon for a great price, read allot about it and wanted it, my problem is he has no owners manual! Can anyone tell me what the 2...
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