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  1. L

    Lush LED Lighting grows amazing plants! Pics and videos!

    Lush Lighting LED panels are replacing HID lamps for horticulturist from coast to coast. Reducing heat along with electrical demands allow for serious growers to increase the amount of light they provide for their plants. Our newest and largest unit, the Dominator 2xXL is able to proved your...
  2. stevethumb21

    Planning to switch to LED grow lights. Your Opinions/Suggestions/Experiences are requ

    First of all I want say sorry If this has already been discussed somewhere on this Forum. One of my friend is considering growing with LED lights instead of HID or flouro's. Regrettably, I am not savvy with LED lights, so I could most definitively use some experienced info. He is planning to...
  3. J

    First timer, need advise

    Hey guys I would like to introduce myself, my name is juicyJJ. I'm a young marijuana growing enthusiast. I smoke weed recreationally as well as medicinally as I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis. I'm a first time grower and basically I could do with some advise :) here's the stuff I'm...
  4. S

    What will needs to be more Wavelength!

    Hello I have a simple question 1. For Growing Marijuana What will needs to be more : For The Red : 630 or 660 like 10 660 & 2 630 =12 red For the Blue 430 or 460 like 2 460 $ 1 430 = 3 Blue ??? Please Answer simplicity 2. What do you think about that led i buy For all...
  5. B

    LED Gro- Light Information 30x30

    Hi Guys just doing some research on these Cheap LED Grow lights found for approx $30-$45 are they much chop?. Iv been using one for the past few weeks, however it seems that my grow is progressing alot slower than some others that have started around the same time as me. Is it Due to my LED...
  6. M

    Merlock's (semi) Step-by-Step DIY LED Thread

    I bought a DIY LED set-up about 8-9 months ago for some sour flower clones a friend promised me and finally got around to putting it together. I did a similar build for my reef tank a while back so I figured I might as well build my own light instead of buying one of the pre-made fixtures (I...
  7. K

    Critical Kush

    This one is a regular on the farm. We have run a few critical x strains and have been very happy. Again I have been very lax on my journal but this is one larger update and then it will be steady and regular as it should be.
  8. Jubes

    Jubes - Soil - Nirvana Blue Mystic Autos - 2013

    Indica strain: nirvana blue mystic auto flowers 10 plants Feminized Yield hopefully anywhere from 50 to 100 grams m2 Stoney effect Low growing plants Flower time 5-7 weeks Very neutral smell 2 gallon size pots 50/50 perlite peat moss mixture 650 watt hydro grow light series x2 No...
  9. I

    Help finding affordable LED that works well for flowering?

    Hello everyone! I hope your having a very high day!:smokin2: Thanks for checking out my very first post:thumb: So I've been looking around a lot for an affordable led light that works as well as it could for an affordable price. At the moment I've got a grape ape clone that I've been vegging...
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