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  1. K

    MarsHydro 150W LED reflector

    Has anyone used just a MarsHydro 150W LED reflector series to grow with? Or Mars reflector series at any wattage? I am in the middle of a grow using a MarsHydro 150W reflector, I started off with CFLs and a 12w LED and replaced the 12W with the 150W. I was wondering if anyone can share...
  2. K

    Week 3 of NYC desiel.. Please help.. need to know if I am in good shape

    Hey everyone, I am a first time indoor grower. I am growing one plant, it is Barneys Farm NYC Diesel, Indica AutoFlower. I am using a Mars Hydro 150W LED reflector with a couple CFLs, the LED is exactly 2 feet from the top of the plant. I am using a 2x2x4 tent. She just hit the 3 week mark...
  3. SGL D

    PAR-FORCE 500 LEDS vs 1000w HID Cannabis Case Study

    Interview with grower who used PAR-FORCE for the first time.... getting the growers perspective :thumb: [video] 8 x 8 grids using overhead and side lighting
  4. T

    Tokes 2nd Grow LED Remix - Coco - Barnies Cookies Kush - 2015

    Before i give you guys a little information on my grow history, what im working with specifically ill post the good ol 420 mag "how to create a grow journal " sticky post derived template below :thumb: The Goods: What strain is it? Growing barneys farm cookies kush Is it Indica, Sativa...
  5. SGL D

    We Hear You Growers - Smart Grow Technologies New Direct Pricing Is Here!

    Our mission has always been to serve the growers with alternative to HID. This 3 year plus quest has taken us on a journey starting with induction technology and advancing to phosphor blend photon rich LED technology. In an effort to increase our reach to you the growers, we started working...
  6. UncleCannabis

    UncleCannabis' Ganja Grove - 1st Grow with Mars Sun Series - Indoor Organic Soil Grow

    Welcome to my first journal :420: members. The purpose of this journal is to highlight and review the performance of the new Sun Series LED lights from Mars-Hydro only. **DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOT FOR VIEWERS AGED UNDER 18 YEARS. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES...
  7. arellanobrian

    Mars 2 LED Beginners Grow - FFOF - DWC

    First journal on this forum and cant be happier with the way this community seems to treat new growers. This journal is more for personal record then anything. That being said anyone out there that would like to check the grow out is welcome to contribute and comment :thumb:. So this is my...
  8. TechnoGrower

    TechnoGrower White Widow/Super Skunk RDWC Setup

    Hello all. I've been following these forums for a while. After a move east I'm finally able to get my room set up. Let us take a peek. My room is split into a few different areas. Mother's Area, Cloning Station, Super Veg and Flower. Each area changes things up slightly with either lighting...
  9. S

    New OG Kush Grow

    there 5 days old today jan 2cnd 2015,theres 7 of them the 2 with plastic plant tags r a experiment im doing with a thing called soiltabs nirvana gave,no nutes added to them just ph water then when time to flower i have flowertabs.they swear by them so im giving it a shot.the other 5 will b on my...
  10. Icemud

    Icemud's LED Overkill - 3x Advanced LED XTE 300s - Blue Dream - University Hills OG

    Welcome to Icemud's LED overkill grow!!! haha :) I decided to name it overkill because I added 1 more Advanced LED XTE 300 to my 2.5x5'x7' which is way more than would be needed for most grows, as 2 of these lights rocked my last grow just fine. I won't be using the panels at 100% full power...
  11. S

    Help - 2 week old seedling problems

    Hello i am having trouble... this is my very first grow and i am currently 2 weeks in....i germinated 6 seeds which all i had no success with. i had one thc bomb which survived these were pics from about 3 days ago, for some reason i feel its very sluggish... i have not been feeding any...
  12. Icemud

    Icemud's LED Grow With Advanced LED XTE 300 Series With EX-Veg 200

    Hey everyone!!!! I'm back with an all new and exciting test grow featuring the All new Advanced LED XTE series (300w model) and the Advanced LED Diamond Series EX-VEG. I was lucky enough to receive a sponsorship to showcase their lights in operation and I am very happy to be chosen and will...
  13. J

    Joeblow420's First 700W LED - 130W CFL Soil Grow

    Hi everyone, I'm Joe! This is my first proper grow, I have tried once previously with 2 x Bushman seeds under 1 x 130w cfl in a homemade grow box (approx. 80cm x 80 cm x 160cm) but due to Police Action I was forced to end their lives. The seeds are random bag seeds but I call them Bushman...
  14. A1cronick

    A1cronick's 1st Grow - MarsII LED 1200 T5 - Coco - Air Pots

    hey guys and girls just wanted to start my 1st real thread on my 1st grow its going way better than i ever thought it would but i did all my home work for 6 months before i planted a seed and now its paying off veg tent 3x3x6 marsII 700w 2 small fans and a 4in duct booster fower tent...
  15. L

    2nd CFL Grow Sativa Seeds From Bag Seed

    What strain is it? Unknown from bagseed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seeds just spread out in soil If in Veg... For how long? 11 days since i put them in soil. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is...
  16. D

    Any tips or constructive criticism for my plants or grow area?

    using a 200 watt led for 2 in pictures and a 90 watt led for more seeds smaller less bushy plaant vanilla kush the other is afghan kush
  17. T

    ThisLion's LED Phantom OG Grow Journal - 2014

    Strain: PHANTOM OG Number of Plants: 30 Indoor, using Super Soil, flower in 5 gallon Light: [2] BadBoy 4' 8 T5's [6500K Veg; 2900K Flower] 4 4' T5's [6500K Veg; 2900K Flower] Haight Solid State PPF 1600 RH: 58% TEMP: 71-76 My partner and I picked up 30 Phantom [Cherry Pie X...
  18. D

    Dennise, Newest of Newbies

    :peace: Need some expert advice here. Not sure how to do this and am sorry if this gets posted more than once. Looking for advice from The303Stoner too View image in gallery View image in gallery View...
  19. L

    White Fire & Skywalker 600 Watt LED Grow - First Time Grower

    Hello all! This is my first grow EVER! Never done this before and wanted to try my hand at it since I am Medical Card holder in California. I use marijuana for depression and back pain from a sports injury. Anyways, I was interested in the low power consumption that LED are known for. As far as...
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