led grow

  1. M

    First grow with LED

    i just started my first grow. its a 4x4x7 sunhut tent. i currently have 2 135 watt led ufo's and a diamond series 150w w/ 10w cree leds. right now i have 2 autoflowers and 6 clones under those lights. one of the autoflowers is 3 weeks into flower. while the clones are 10 days into flowering. one...
  2. C

    Double SuperLocker Procyon 100 Grow

    Well I originally posted this in the growroom design page when I was planning my setup. When I started the grow I continued to post there but since the grow is in effect I decided to repost my last post here and continue from there. Hope I am not breaking any rules. Because this is the...
  3. Jubes

    Jubes - Soil - Nirvana Blue Mystic Autos - 2013

    Indica strain: nirvana blue mystic auto flowers 10 plants Feminized Yield hopefully anywhere from 50 to 100 grams m2 Stoney effect Low growing plants Flower time 5-7 weeks Very neutral smell 2 gallon size pots 50/50 perlite peat moss mixture 650 watt hydro grow light series x2 No...
  4. LEDRF

    LED CFL Coco Vs Soil

    Okay, so I am doing a few things here. First, I am using a 4x4x7 tent, brand lighthouse. It's a strong durable tent I bought on Ebay for like $130. I will be doing three plants in soil and three in coco, two under LED, 4 under CFL, hopefully replacing the cfls with a 400watt HPS...
  5. D

    First grow - leaves curling up and single brown spot

    Hey guys, This is my first grow. I've done lots of reading and research and everything was going fine until a few days ago when my leave started to curl upwards/sideways. Also, I noticed a single brown spot a few days ago but it hasn't gotten bigger or anything. The leaves are curing a bit...
  6. DgC 4Life

    DgC's Multistrain Hempy LED Grow 2012

    Hows it going long time lurker but finally decided to register to, in all honesty, get some advice with my grow and hopefully become more motivated to keep better notes. Alot of helpful members here so decided it was time. Anyways down to the good stuff... Unfortunately I couldn't start from...
  7. M

    Air exchange from one tent to the other tent question

    hello fellow 420 members!!!! I am getting ready to set up my grow and flower tents. I was wondering if i could take my exhaust air from my veg tent, pull the filtered air into my flower tent as fresh air then exhaust that air into my veg tent as fresh air. it would be a recirculating air...
  8. KloneKing

    New Guy

    Puttin forth effort to grow the best meds for myself.Currently all cfl 42 watter's working good and cheap to run:) Goin to take the leap though and jump to a nice led, looking to get sum oohey gooey. I'll have some pics up soon.
  9. Walter White

    Blue Planet Hempy 300W LED Chocolate Berry Grow

    :welcome: :adore: :cheer2: :peace: Hey guys I have been lurking around here for quiet sometime and after coming across a post about Tor I decided to finally join up and take you guys on my journey with me! That is of course if you want to come!:thumb: This is my first solo attempt at...
  10. H

    Deep Water Culture - Blueberry x Juicy Fruit - Lost Strain - Bluejuice LED Grow

    hey everyone I started up another grow, this time with a killer strain I have germinated and got them going in my 'tulip bubbler' I will update pics tonight of my progress :Namaste:
  11. T

    Thawk's 2nd All LED Soil Grow Hammerhead - Agent Orange - Big Buddha - Blue Cheese

    Well this was going to be more fun to write until I wrote it the fist time and it took behalf an hour and my damn Ipad switched screens and erased it all... But here we go again. Alright guys for those of you that don't know last grow I was doing a couple good solid strains and it was my...