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led growing

  1. farweed

    LED grow lights

    oh the ever ending debate of HPS vs LEd. Ive been using HPS in my main room but starting a different strain in a grow tent, wondering thoughts on best LED lights. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks!!
  2. H

    3w or 5w diodes is the question

    3w or 5w diodes. which work better and for what reason and application, coverage vs intensity I guess?
  3. stevethumb21

    Planning to switch to LED grow lights. Your Opinions/Suggestions/Experiences are requ

    First of all I want say sorry If this has already been discussed somewhere on this Forum. One of my friend is considering growing with LED lights instead of HID or flouro's. Regrettably, I am not savvy with LED lights, so I could most definitively use some experienced info. He is planning to...
  4. S

    Which lamp fits me LED lamp

    Hello friends :peace: I am looking to buy a LED for Grow I grow in a small space I grow for myself so I did not need too much I also grow Automatic To reduce the time and height :Namaste: Since I can not use HPS and MH " A lot of noise and have a big place and the heat hooo the heat lol " I...
  5. K

    Sharks Breath - Early Stages of Flowering

    Okay after a few minor breaches of policy I apologize to everyone for sounding like a sales person. Just a little excited about how everything has turned out for me and I have a big month. anyway... I'm now posting up some pics of sharksbreath. This is a new strain on the farm and we are really...
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