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  1. Verbalist

    DWC & Soil: Verb's Purple Puncher Autos, Mars Hydro TS 1000

    :420: Verbalist ”Comparison grow” ~ Coco VS. Hydro VS. Soil ~ A quick introduction: Will be testing all three different ”standard growing mediums” with two different strains. Also this is my first actual grow using DWC, so a lot will be learned during this process. Also would like to thank...
  2. Chrisx510

    Changing grow set up to whole room

    So one of my roommates is buying a house, that’s going to free up two rooms in my house. I got it okay’d by my “boss” (wife), to change one of the rooms to a grow room. I currently have one 600W HID, and one TSW2000, and one 4” charcoal filter with exhaust fan. The bedroom is about 15x15 with a...
  3. R

    Purple Haze grow attempt first timer LED & HPS

    First time grow in a wardrobe haha I have: 250w duel spec hps 600w led 2x fans Biobizz all mix Grow Bloom Fish mix Not phing as I've been told biobizz does it for you My plants were planted on 26th Aug this photo was taken today what do you thi k
  4. neiro

    Dark Purple Auto

    About 6 weeks Seeds from Delicious Seeds
  5. Auto Dark Purple fem from Delicious Seeds

    Auto Dark Purple fem from Delicious Seeds

  6. My Dark Purple is very purple in this light

    My Dark Purple is very purple in this light

  7. LED & HPS together gives very nice colours

    LED & HPS together gives very nice colours

  8. bigbudz90

    Creme Caramel DWC

    last week the seeds arrived from Caveman seeds Australia 3x Fem Creme Caramel :yummy: OK so still currently have 3 Incredible Bulk fems going in the tent sitting on week 7, been a hell of a grow with lots of issues... Anyway new strain to play with why not... With the rockwool PH'd at 5.5 and...
  9. D

    Are my LEDs causing problems

    I have been growing for over a year know. Get decent plants and get a lot of buds. Feed with Advanced Pro mixes. The buds are frosty bud small to medium and no weight. I think I have the culprit but would like your options. "My cheap Amazon LED lights. in a 4x4 area I have 2- 800 watt lights. "...
  10. I

    3 weeks till flower!

    So I'm running 5 HPS 600w and just installed a Budmaster over one plant to see what goodies it brings. What do you guys think so far ? Great light unit for an LED but just lost one of the light units but still doing its job.
  11. Cannygrow

    Need some advice on my lights

    Hey community I have a quick question regarding lighting, I have a Viparspectra 300w led inside a 2x4 Vivosun tent I have it over two critical purple auto and I am wondering if I will need supplemental lighting? The actual power draw is around 130w. My plants have started preflower and am...
  12. ProfessorFlora

    Barneys Farm Sponsors Grow: Gorilla Zkittles, Orange Sherbert Plus Many More

    WELCOME TO PROFESSORFLORA'S BARNEYS FARM GROW :55::cheer::yahoo::green_heart::yahoo::cheer::55: Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you all to my new journal in which we will be growing everything Barneys. Ive been fortunate and have been gifted some seeds by @Barneys Farm Official which I...
  13. M

    In the market for full spectrum LEDs or CMH

    Been in the hobby for about 5 years. Always had a digital ballast (iPower 1000, Apollo 600) Ushio, Hortilux Bulbs; along with 4-4ft T5 for early Veg. But I'm in need of an Upgrade and have been super impressed with Top Shelf Full Spectrum L.E.D.'s as well as the new Ceramic Metal Halide's. i.e...
  14. FsHempire

    Critical Kush Indoor

    Coco coir. 1200w HPS LED Combo.
  15. H

    Hybrid Garden LED GPS Hortilux powerveg T5

    HazeMan1 here, I have carefully blended a formula of nutrients using organic plant based elements, Beneficials, and other essential micro nutrients as well. But, the lighting system I have set up using the minimum amount of cost put in. That being said it took me about 8 months to compile this...
  16. Autohyponic

    Finally get to grow!

    Hello every one. I appreciate you taking the time to click my link. I am in the middle of my first grow. I figured I would share my experience from the beginning. I will be posting pics and more in my journal. I recently positioned myself to be able to dedicate a portion of my basement to...
  17. Kidokush

    Kido's Multi Spectrum Coco Grow

    Hi fellow grower and Readers This is not my first grow,but my first i will be documenting.i feel the is alot i can learn and there is always room for improvement. Setup 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 GT Hydro tent 8" extraction + 8" carbon filter 600w MH (dual spectrum) /HPS 180w Noca S4 LED NUTRIENTS...
  18. dunkindabs

    Indica vs Sativa - Do HPS lights work better with sativa strain

    I know this might sound crazy but I wanted to see if anyone has tested or seen research that compares the lights vs different types of strains. Considering how the strains grow differently (width, height) would an led light work better for sativa plants since led par levels do not get spread...
  19. I

    Change from CFL to LED if I've vegged with HPS?

    Hey guys I was woundering would it be ok to change fRom hps to led even tho the plants are one 9 days into 12/12
  20. A

    Train Wreck Auto-Feminized

    This will be my first journal here so bare with me: The other day I ordered 5 feminized auto-seeds (Train Wreck) from Crop King Seeds (Thank you) which I´m waiting for. The gear I´m going to use is: 120x120x180cm Secret Jarden tent, which of course is going to be indoors. 5 4x4cm...
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