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led hydro gardens

  1. itshotinhere

    Need help selecting the right LED

    Hello all, This is my first post so bare with me. My room, although not ideal can work. Its 3' x 5" deep, 7' x 5" wide and 6' in height. The walls are fixed with the door in the centre so working on plants at either end would be challenging. At this stage I'm considering 2 DWC buckets...
  2. CronicHempHog

    ChronicHemphog's - DWC - Advanced LEDs - Time to Grow - Grow

    OK here we go:thumb: so this is nutes used are bpn 3 part also for other plants botanicares pro gro, pro bloom, silica blast and hydroplex also using massive for bloom phase lights are t-8 litro gro lights for veg advanced led's diamond series and diamond series with cree xml for bloom...
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