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  1. A

    How far should the LED plant growth lamp be from the plant?

    Where should the growth lamp be placed? For seedlings, LED grow lights should usually be installed between 24-36 inches above the plant canopy-however, this depends on the power (wattage) of the light source. Place the LED planting light farthest away from the seedlings (~36 inches)-this keeps...
  2. c1 rt. c2 clone, lt. see the red/blue diff?

    c1 rt. c2 clone, lt. see the red/blue diff?

    red/blue diff. same strain. both burn in 600s watts' range. photo o the month submission?
  3. stevethumb21

    Planning to switch to LED grow lights. Your Opinions/Suggestions/Experiences are requ

    First of all I want say sorry If this has already been discussed somewhere on this Forum. One of my friend is considering growing with LED lights instead of HID or flouro's. Regrettably, I am not savvy with LED lights, so I could most definitively use some experienced info. He is planning to...
  4. 2

    LED fixture confusion

    Hi, Im new to this forum and i plan on doing my first grow very soon. I've been keeping reef tanks for about 4 years now and have become quite good at it. To the point that i make a small income growing and selling corals that i grow in my house. Its really become my obsession lol. It amazed me...
  5. S

    What will needs to be more Wavelength!

    Hello I have a simple question 1. For Growing Marijuana What will needs to be more : For The Red : 630 or 660 like 10 660 & 2 630 =12 red For the Blue 430 or 460 like 2 460 $ 1 430 = 3 Blue ??? Please Answer simplicity 2. What do you think about that led i buy For all...
  6. D

    LED lights, CO2 Generator and air exchange?

    I am a new grower and trying to find an answer to an air exchange question. Running 4 x 600W LED's, a greenhouse master controller and a CO2 generator. Do I need to exchange the air as often as if I were running HPS's? I have to add heat because my grow are is in a cold storage room in a...
  7. S

    1st time growing, and need LED advice!

    Ok, so I'm ready to get hands on now I need to buy my lighting. Since I will be growing in a 5x5x7 tent I figured to keep heating down an limit my energy bill I decided to go with LED lights. But my problem in deciding falls into what's the best light spectrum out there as far as quality of the...
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