led lighting

  1. 16x CREE COB Build.PNG

    16x CREE COB Build.PNG

    Proposed DIY 16x COB Array
  2. jonnywatt

    Cannabis Lighting Is My Thing

    Hi, I used to post here but haven't in quite some time. I have seen lives saved, including family members, by cannabis and its derivatives. For the past 12 years, I have dedicated what little brainpower I have left to research and development of cannabis (and now hemp) lighting. I am really...
  3. bigbudzzz420

    LED indoor growing

    im using promix hp , 4x4 tent and was wondering if i can use throughout the whole grow .
  4. P

    Total Newb - LED tent attempt

    G'day guys i purchased this and its on its way can you guys give me some pointers? I am going to do just one (thats legal where i am) from seed blueberry kush strain. I don't quite get my head around led lighting btw. This package just seemed to have good lighting (or better as opposed...
  5. Zogrowsgreen

    Help! Mixing light spectrums - Mars Hydro LEDs plus T5s

    Hello All i posted this in the lighting forum but decided this was a question that also might get frequently asked, I need help with figuring out my light spectrum for veg/bloom with my current light setup to make sure i am not doing more harm than good by mixing the led spectrum and T5. The...
  6. T

    Mars Reflector 96x5 or 144x5 for 2x3 closet?

    i know the reflector 96 would be perfect. but would the 144 the next step up be to much for the closet? it is 21 inches deep, 35 inches wide, 7 ft tall.. i know the reflector 144 would just barely fit, but it would also be more then 34.8 watts per sq ft? im afraid if i get the mars 700 that the...
  7. O

    Hello there

    Hi first time posting, first time grower. Have a two stage question first can I use a 45W LED Red Blue Indoor Garden Plant Grow Light Hanging Light 225 LED's; 165 Red LED lights (650 nm wavelength) + 60 Blue LED lights (465 nm wavelength) from seeding to flowering and second is that enough...
  8. B

    To Harvest or not to Harvest

    Hi guys and gals This is my first grow for 18 years! I invested in 4 * Creme Caramel Autos, a 300W LED, 120 by 120 tent, charcoal filter and so on. My girls were started out doors in the med, however the weather started turning for autumn so I decided to invest in the above. I have had a few...
  9. Sorenna

    Sorenna's - 2015 - THC Bomb Auto & Strawberry Blue - Soil - LED

    Hi yall! :Love: I got my hands dirty today. Woo Hoo! I got to open up my tent and my light after theyve been sitting around and waiting for me. Yesterday I built the tent. It measures 48" X 24" X 60". It was super easy. The tent seems pretty nice to me, but Ive never had one before so...
  10. T

    We're Celebrating 5 Years Together With Service Specials Just for You!

    Founded in 2009,Twilightgroups are dedicated to service the best led lights worldwide. From imitating others to extend our own production line, Twilightgroups has been reseached many kinds of popular brands,amongst them Spider series and Dolphin series are the hottest ones. To reward your...
  11. H

    3w or 5w diodes is the question

    3w or 5w diodes. which work better and for what reason and application, coverage vs intensity I guess?
  12. sativacat

    Sativacat's Soil Tent Grow - Five-o & Alpujarrena - First Grow

    Strains: - Black Skull Seeds Five-o (Sativa) - Pyramid Seeds Alpujarrena (Indica) Germination Began: 4/12/14 Indoor Grow: Lighthouse Hydro 2.6ft x 2.6ft x 7ft LED Lighting: topledgrowlight.com 96x3 LED Light Soil: 2 plants each in Vigoro organic and MG organic Temperature: 78-84...
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