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  1. djdmaze

    Giixer 1000w LED Concerns & Misinformation

    Hello everyone at 420, new member here, proud to be apart of the community. I follow many threads here, but finally decided to register after starting my latest grow. We (my spouse and I) have some previous grows under our belt via soil and coco, even some I did by myself some years back. As of...
  2. Green thumb lou

    Big Buds

    She has a massive load of big buds
  3. got #3, up!

    got #3, up!

  4. Raze58

    Raze58 Purple Kush - LED Lights - Soil - 2018

    Hello and welcome to my Purple Kush mars hydro LED soil grow journal. The seeds were germinated on july 13th 2018 and sprouted up quickly. I did loose one due to it coming up with no leaf node or head at all for that matter, I see this alot with crop king seeds. The 4 that sprouted are...
  5. Raze58

    7 weeks in flower Durban Poison, is it ready?

    This is my Durban at 7 weeks in flower. I took the best genome of alall my Durban and cloned it to get these beauties. The genome seems to be a sped up durban that buds much faster. Durbans usually 10 weeks flower. This is 7 weeks today. Does it look ready to harvest to you?? I am...
  6. R

    Another AutoFlower Newbie

    Hello all ... I have a couple of plants that are starting to flower. Strain CKS-NYCDiesel Grow Environment-3x3x7 grow tent Nutrition: Holland Secret- Grow, Bloom and Micro Miracle Grow Moisture control soil Light- LED with a grow and a bloom switch 300 W I think. This is an auto flower...
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  9. L

    1000W LED Cotton Candy Kush Indoor Hydroponic Grow - 4th Grow - Still Learning

    Hello people of 420M! New guy here. I have been reading these forums for years to pick up tips and such but i decided to start a Grow Journal here so hopefully i can get better advice from experienced growers. So to start, here is what I am working with.... I have currently 3 small...
  10. N

    LED lights for 4x8

    Hi everyone newbie here. I have read sooooo much on lights and lights with a mover it is unreal. I am setting up an 4x8 spot with mylar on 3 sides. Looking at led full spectrum lights from seed to harvest. I want to invest wisely the first time. All suggestions appreciated. I do not live close...
  11. C

    I need a recommendation for an LED veg light

    Hey guys, I'm doing a hydro grow right now that is split between a veg and flower room. The flower room is using a platinum P300 light over a 3x3 flood table with Mylar on all sides. Works great. I used the P300 to get these plants thru their veg cycle and took some clones along the way. The...
  12. S

    First grow from a few random seeds

    Our state legalized recreational marijuana use and I wanted to try my hand so I purchase some feminized autoflowering seeds two 300 watt LED variable setting lights in a 96 x 56 x 48 top of the line grow tent. But I wanted to make sure I could actually do it properly so I had a Tesco around 10...
  13. I

    Mischief in Michigan - First time grower

    Hey hey fella fans of the herb. I live in Michigan and in April I will be starting my first grow. I have been lurking about reading as much as I can for a couple of months but it will be nice to belong to a like minded community :) I was planning on a 4x4 grow tent with a Mars hydro 1200 in...
  14. S

    led lamp

    I'm looking for some help with LED lights. I'm a new grower from Massachusetts who recently purchased bridgeable LED grow lights. I noticed a majority of the lights are pink but there are a few blue as well as red lights and didn't know what the different colors work for. There is also a...
  15. dunkindabs

    First time - Grow lights to use

    I am new to growing and wanted to test some lights out before I spend a lot of money on buying them. Do you guys think it is worth renting before buying them? You know to get a feel for how they work and not be in the whole for a 1k plus considering how much some led light cost.
  16. dunkindabs

    Why do people always complain about PAR when it comes to LED lights?

    Im considering purchasing some led's in the next year. With so many choices out there I have been doing research on the low end and high end options. One consistent knock I have been hearing from people who are not in favor of using led's even if they are more efficient is the lack of PAR...
  17. L

    Galaxyhydro 300w LED - Small Tent - 2 Plants?

    Long time lurker, first time poster and grower here and before I get ahead of myself I feel like I owe a thanks to all of you good people here. Had it not been for the detailed grow journals and advice here I don't know if I would have gotten this far into the growing process! So to give...
  18. D

    Looking for lights

    Looking for a legit website that sells and exports top led lights. Thanks
  19. D

    New led light I've purchased

  20. K

    New LED Lighting

    Hi Guys Firstly Im new here so Hi to all fellow growers Ok I have recently changed all my lighting to the new specific wavelength Chinese LED things. The lights are made up of blue and red LEDs. where I had a 400W sox (sodium) light I have replaced witha 300W Led light. My problem is...
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