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  1. D

    Looking for one Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card Holder to sponsor

    Hello Everyone I am a New sponsor here on 420mag and I have a few people I am sponsor to do a grow journal with my LED Intelligent-Gro Grow Panels. Please contact me. I think we can help each other out. I am located in Milford, CT.
  2. D

    600w Gavita VS 600w Advanced LED Diamond Series

    I'm trying to decide between the diamond series LED 800w and the 600w gavita hps, what would you recommend? I have a high ceiling, so the gavita sounds good, but does it produce a lot of heat? I am using a 10ft x 10ft x 9 ft room, and only 400cfm to exhaust, so I'm worried about heat. Also...
  3. D

    1400 lumen 5000k LED

    Has anyone used these lights for veg stage? 1400 lumen 5000k LED's. I have 6 plants with 4 of those and 2 6500k CFL's. This is my first grow and am going on day 15. Will these work until I go to the 2700k for flowers?
  4. stevethumb21

    Planning to switch to LED grow lights. Your Opinions/Suggestions/Experiences are requ

    First of all I want say sorry If this has already been discussed somewhere on this Forum. One of my friend is considering growing with LED lights instead of HID or flouro's. Regrettably, I am not savvy with LED lights, so I could most definitively use some experienced info. He is planning to...
  5. S

    What will needs to be more Wavelength!

    Hello I have a simple question 1. For Growing Marijuana What will needs to be more : For The Red : 630 or 660 like 10 660 & 2 630 =12 red For the Blue 430 or 460 like 2 460 $ 1 430 = 3 Blue ??? Please Answer simplicity 2. What do you think about that led i buy For all...
  6. covertnegrow

    Looking at AdvancedLED Lights - Need Some Help

    Hello growers, I am setting up my grow room and am planning on using a 4' x 4' area for the actual growing...the room will be open though...to a total room size of 4' x 8'. I am trying to figure out the best setup for my grow area..i am for sure going with Advance LED lights..the diamond...
  7. T

    Help choosing LED light for Hydroponic system

    My first post on this site:ciao: I need help choosing the right led light for my grow op I have already built a hydroponic system for my plants. And now I don't know how much wattage I need for 6 plants. The dimensions of the container are Length 29" and Width of 20". And lastly my budget for...
  8. L

    Two 550 Watt LEDs on a Light Mover in a Tent

    High everyone! I'm doing this grow journal to show the world, and see for myself, if LED lights are ready for prime time yet. And to get some great advice, since this is pretty much my first real grow I'm going to need all the help I can get. Here's an inventory of what we'll be working with...
  9. endive

    Endive's "Chance Um!" Bubblelicious - LED Grow - 2010

    Longtime lurker, short time 420 Member, first time grower, but I figure what da heck, we going chance um! :goodluck: After months of research, plotting and planning (thanks to many of you all), it's time to do this. Hopefully I can just keep it simple. Grow #1 Strain: (6 from seed)...
  10. maryjah

    NY Diesel in SF. my first grow!

    Hi guys, this is my very first grow! Thanks for checking it out! Any advice you have would be awesome, too, and hopefully my grows will get better and better. I'm still trying to get the hang of cloning, etc., and my space is somewhat limited, but I'm super happy w/how they are turning out so...
  11. K

    3x5x6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and how?

    I have a 3 x 5 x 6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and if so how and how many can I fit? This is my first time and if I can't I need to know either way. T5's LED's soil hydro what the F*ck Please Help!:thankyou:
  12. Be Irie

    Viva Las Vegas! Procyon 100 LED Grow Test

    OK, so I am going to be doing this at least through the veg stage and possibly into flower depending on if I like what I see.. I will be using the proycon 100 which I think is a upper mid level LED. I picked Bubble gum and Dream Weaver to be my guinea pigs. The two seeds broke ground on 9/28. I...
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