led vs hps

  1. Icemud

    Completed Icemud's LED Grow With Advanced LED XTE 300 Series With EX-Veg 200

    Hey everyone!!!! I'm back with an all new and exciting test grow featuring the All new Advanced LED XTE series (300w model) and the Advanced LED Diamond Series EX-VEG. I was lucky enough to receive a sponsorship to showcase their lights in operation and I am very happy to be chosen and will...
  2. L

    Plants grown with Lush Lighting LED grow lights from around the world.

    Here is a great go to place to see the crops others are growing with Lush Lighting. There are close to a 1000 growers using Lush Lighting LED grow lights and the #'s continue to climb. Not everyone has time to post threads and grow journals so with their permission we're sharing them for you to...
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