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    Kooks DNA Feminized Kushberry & Rocklock Grow Journal

    :welcome: havent been on for years. got some extra time on my hands during this grow so why not document for the masses. i picked up 6 feminized Dna Genetics kushberry (ogkushXoregon blueberry) and 6 rocklock(rockstarXwarlock) germed 3 each in separate glass cups of purified water.within a...
  2. O

    GG4 - Black Haze - Secret Recipe & OG Kush From Clone Under T5/LED

    Hello all, I have been growing for about 2 years now and am looking to connect with others in this grow and get some feedback and tips. Maybe we can help each other out! I've been keeping my grows documented for myself, but felt this time around it would be nice to share the journey with others...
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