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  2. Perfect Sun LED

    Perfect Sun LEDs Big Sale: $150

    This is our first ever sale, outside of offering $50 off to 420 members. You can save $150 on Max Yield and Goliath v2 or $100 off Dwarf Star or Mini. We have easily yielded 2 pounds dry from Max Yield and Goliath v2. Goliath and Max Yield have automatic discounts, which you will see reflected...
  3. M

    LED Lights

    Hello. I have been using x2, 600 watt HPS lights in a 1.2x2x4x2m tent. I have purchased a 4000 watt led light with 100 leds. How many lumens does this light give off, because i cant get a clear answer from anywhere and how many do you think i can fit in my tent. I was thinking around 8 of...
  4. A1C11229-AF1F-4486-9DE0-8E95BCB0E301.jpeg


  5. N


    Cool forum...Grew in late 70's...started again a year ago.....using LED's.. in soil....prefer it
  6. 6

    COB LED color temperature for full cycle question

    Hi! I'm growing on tight budget and I plan to assemble a DIY COB LED grow light. I can get a hold of COBs much easier than HID grow lights so I choose to use LEDs. I'm putting together 4-6 COBs for full cycle growth. The COB that I have chosen is the Cree CXB3070. Mouser, the place I will...
  7. N

    LED - HPS - Or Both?

    So I am fairly new to the growing community and thinking about starting a 2x2x4 Grow tent with 2-3 Plants, Max. I want to be very precise on the lighting to have a successful harvest although I am kinda torn between two options. I have been told to use LEDs as well as HPS. From what I have...
  8. D

    Wanting to go LEDs need some help

    Hello all I have normally grown outdoors, but I am starting an indoor operation and I am leaning towards L.E.D lighting. So here are some of my details. I built a 8x8x8 room and i am only going to grow 2-4 plants maybe 4-5 ft tall (depends on how much i drop on lights initial may buy...
  9. K

    My First Grow - 17 plants inside

    Go big or go home! Sitting under 2 MEIZHI 1200w LED's (1000 true watts). Will also be adding a Mars 600w series to complete this. All of my babies are planted in 5 gallon buckets. The leaves are looking green and monstrous.
  10. B

    LED malfunction - Help appreciated!

    Hi, back in 2013 i purchased a ProGrow 400 LED fixture from HydroponicsHut.com. I've been using the light since then without much issue but recently noticed that 1/2 of my flower LED's were not burning. I went to the web only to find out that the company is apparently no longer in business...
  11. ckenney82

    Plants stunted when moved from floro to 1000W LED

    Hey guys 1000w led Specifications: - Dimension: 12.2x8.26x2.36 inches - Replaces a 400 watt HPS/MH - Item Weight: 6.62 pounds - Full spectrum for all stages of plant growth - Core Coverage Area: 3.4ft x 3.8ft at 24" Height - LEDs Angle: 90° - 100pcs Double Chips 10W Bridgelux/Epileds...
  12. Annabanana

    Anna's 3rd Time's A Charm Journal

    So..my foray into indoor growing has been a journey of thrills and....kills. My GrowNumberOne was a bevy of BigBuds and Chinook Hazes that when one had a hermaphroditism issue 2 weeks before finishing - I panicked and mistook swollen calyxes on the rest of the plants as male bits...and ripped...
  13. H

    Pukka with LEDs Mars 96

    Hi all im new here was thinking of starting a diary on my led grow
  14. F


    Is it better to use 2 300 watt leds or one 600 watt led??
  15. S

    LED's? Help

    Wanting to up grade - there are so many led's out there today, Mar, Kind, Virspectrue. Cob . ect Pleas give information on LED's. that you have experience with. Feel that this site will give me some good information concerning, price range is $300.00 to $600.oo looking at the Kind K3 L450...
  16. Q

    Let's talk LEDs

    My next grow will be with LEDs and I'm looking for opinions on the best ones and general info about them all and any info welcome
  17. CuriousHeart

    To LED or not LED

    Looking for lighting for a 4 x 4 grow. I am worried about the light footprint. The LED lights are either a square box or a long rectangle and I am not for sure if all the "Ladies" will get equal light. I was throwing around the idea of getting two smaller lights and essentially cut my grow...
  18. G

    LED Advice, auto grows 98%

    The room i will grow in is around 2x2 or even 3x3 (meters) i have no idea about leds at all, i dont want to mess around with it too much and go deep into details, i want to buy something, hang it up there and let it do its thing until i decide to add more leds for extra coverage from the...
  19. Jacobgrows

    Kripple Roulette First Grow 2.5x5f Tent & 2 Mars Hydro 300W LEDs

    This is my first grow and journal so bare with me, I'm just starting but my twin brother has already had 2 successful yeilds so I figured I would give it s shot. He recently gave me 4 clones off his mother plant and the leaves seem to be getting droopy and curled not sure if i overwatered or not...
  20. S

    Crimea Blue & Two AF Using Custom Built 90w LED, WIP

    Hey guys, first time posting. This is going to be my second time growing cannabis. Last time (5y ago) I did a stealth grow using a 200w HPS, but the heat was a problem. LED was an option, but the high price put me off first. Seeing that China has started producing very cheap grow LEDs, I decided...
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