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  1. K

    RSO Oil

    Hello friends, I want to find out a very important matter, that are prepared oil rso filters 220 microns from all the garbage (leaves and branches trunks branches) and then from the liquid that remains 25 micron filters and the liquid left over to put on heating. My question with what is left in...
  2. W

    Newbie from the UK - Cannabis gives me excruciating pain

    When I was a teenager my arches in my feet fell/collapsed causing my knees and ankles to roll in or out. The heels of my feet are sore and tender too. I've been wearing arch supports ever since, I'm now 42 and without them I'm in excruciating pain. Also In my teenage years, I visited my doctor...
  3. M

    Royal Creamatic First Grow

    Hi all. I have been growing Royal Creamatic for 12 weeks. Theyis meant to be an 8 week strain.With 6 being flowering. I have counted flowering since when I first saw pistols coming out of the bud sites. One on left is 36 days flowering. The one on right is 24 days flowering Because I am at...
  4. cbgb

    Is she going to be ok?

    strain ~ indica / fem this seedling threw its seed cap but left all of the membrane on the left cotyledon leaf and a small piece of membrane on the right cotyledon leaf. i have grown with only 1 cotyledon before. what you see in the middle of the two cotyledon leafs is what i call its first...
  5. Farmer Brown

    Outdoors WW photo harvest

    This plant was beyond the capacity of my indoor garden so I stuck it in the dirt in a field across the street. It germinated on 6/23 and I transplanted it over there about 7/3. Its done surprisingly well, growing with the other weeds in the hot sun and cool rain. It did get an occasional...
  6. I

    How long left you reckon?

    Hey guys just want to see what everyone thinks about my plant and how long left until harvest?
  7. H

    1st grow any tips how long left?

    How long do people think I have left on the budding ones?
  8. S

    Skin Cancer Survivor - Data Scientist & Product Designer Here

    Hey guys I was diagnosed with skin cancer a few years ago, 5 surgeries later and with the replacement of most of my abdominal wall going up to my chest on the left side it's left me in sever pain ( they say for the rest of my life ). I have this mesh nonsense inside of me acting as my muscle. I...
  9. C

    Please help timer left on

    Hello i put my plants into flower and 13 days in I noticed I must have left my timer on for 5 on 24 hours I put them back on 12/12 but 4 days see no change any one no what I should do
  10. potanna

    10 days still waiting

    so guys, 10 days ago i put in soil a seed i bought and still it hasnt grown... the setup is a 6400 white lamb on 12/12. I dont know why this is happening. Could it be that i left the seed for 2 weeks in a plastic bag instead of another store place? Any clues?
  11. S

    Hey everyone - Need help ASAP please

    So recently, an unexpected raid ended in my babies being cut and pulled. This was my first grow and they were so beautiful in my eighth week of flower.... All is left is a stalk that's about two inches with a few roots. No leaves, buds, nothing... Is it possible to revert these back to life???
  12. B

    Time left?

    hello, I'm day 36th in flowering, random seed. I don't have any microscope so I'm unable to check trichomes... How much time left of flowering?
  13. ibrokeit

    A couple of ladies

    This is my current flower crop starting back left is purple bud, middle is a skunk haze, back right is a critical mass cbd clone, front left is gods blue diesel, right is money maker, and close to door in middle is a red afro I just put in there yesterday.
  14. B

    Help! I left the light on!

    I did the most stupid thing ever and left the lights on overnight on a plant 4 weeks from harvest. It's in a DWC setup with 2x 300 w LED lights and is indica dominant. Please tell me I didn't just make my plant drop it's flowers or go herme. I just fed the plant if that matters.
  15. E

    How much time left?

    no answer except 1 thanx!
  16. M

    Please help my babies!

    Hi guys. I have come home recently after being away for 2 weeks and left my plants in the care of a family member. I came home to find that alot of leaves were yellow and bent tips. Before I left the top leaves did look as though they were starting to yellow slightly. My family member told...
  17. A

    Too many nutes or not enough?

    Every few weeks I have added a half cup of happy frog to the top of the soil and I'm trying to figure out if I need more or if I should skip it this time. She should have about 3 weeks left before it's time to cut her down. I will also be adding some camg+ and sns203 for gnats.
  18. M

    How Long Left?

    Hi everyone im new here and this is my first grow, she is a dr krippling choc orange auto and is a few days away from being 12 weeks old. how long do i have left as i dont want to mess it up as i have come this far lol and she had some problems at the beginning so it a bit stunted so trying not...
  19. Y

    Help and advice needed!

    We've started our first indoor grow, built a grow box, started four plants off beautifully, and everything was going swimmingly (8th week of growing, and 3rd week of 12/12 schedule) but then I left the lights on for 24 hours by mistake. What should we do now (apart from panic)?
  20. T

    9 Weeks Into Flower

    The sun leaves, the huge ones, have yellowed and r dying. Is this an indication on how much time is left? Sativa. Actually, its more like 11 weeks into flower.