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  1. Triggle

    Trig's MotherShip - Bazooka JoeG - Alien Orange Gum - Night Terror OG - Legacy Haze

    What's crackin 420!? It's been a minute since I fired up a journal but I'm extra stoked about this run and these strains so I'm going to chronicle this one. Strains: Bazooka JoeG- Archive Alien Orange Gum- Franchise Night Terror OG- Rare Dankness Legacy Haze- My own creation...
  2. K

    Legacy Of Carl Sagan - Astrobiologist, Existentialist, And Avid Marijuana Advocate

    You can't make a list of beloved Americans of the past century and not include Carl Sagan. He's one of the most influential and important scientific minds of all time, and a man whose legacy has continued to live on twenty years after his death. For any awakened minds, the reasons to admire...