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  1. JinxMeTwice

    Jeremy The Jinx's Canadian Closet Grow: 300W LED Soil

    Hello, everyone! Started some seeds going a little more then a month back in build up to Canadian legalization. Now that I've finally got some nice progress to show and have got the rest of my grow closet just about set-up to something that will hopefully keep me and my plants happy for the...
  2. 6B0452FC-3B34-476B-81E5-94CFCAAE2B15.jpeg


    Blueberry with flash amazing smoke amazing price amazing staff amazing amazing
  3. M

    I must be dreaming - With medical card I can fly with weed - Save 25% - Grow more

    I heard that some airports are cannabis friendly and that the law is slightly lax on MMJ patients. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Plus, taxes on medical marijuana would be far lesser than that imposed on recreational cannabis. And grow eight times more than recreational...
  4. N

    First Time Grower - Feminized White Widow

    Hi there...1st time grower here. Started with White Widow Feminized seeds and sprouted them using the paper towel method At first I used Miracle Grow Potting soil under a t5 fluorescent in small pots 24 hour light After a a short time and after they grew a bit I transplanted...
  5. H

    Indoor Collective

    Summary: Lake County, California specific questions pertaining to either a recreational grow business or medicinal collective. I have the funds and dream to create an indoor collective(of sorts). I was planning on building 6-20 outdoor storage sheds about 10' X 8' in size. I want to run two...
  6. bdubs504

    My Experience Treating IBS/IBD with Legal Colorado Cannabis in 2015

    In 2013 I was diagnosed with IBS/IBD. In 2015, I moved to Colorado desperate for better quality of life. My conditions included severe bowel issues (diarrhea), severe nausea, severe pain, and two indicators of something else potentially: extreme weight loss -110 lbs in 2015- and vomiting. My...