legal grow

  1. JimSaskFarmer

    Canadian Legal Grow - LP Genetics From Seed - Organic Soil - Sensi Star 2017

    A little background first. This is my lovely wife's grow i am merely chronicling it as there are very few grow reports for Canadian LP Genetics. She has dealt with PTSD for several years, with the main complaint now being insomnia. At the beginning of February of this year she applied for a...
  2. T

    First Time Grower - Starting Concepts

    First time grower (legal in MA). Where am I now? I have the medium for my grow cabinet. I am trying to go "stealth" until my girlfriend's kids are out of the house (15 & 17). The 15 year old smokes (she is dead set against it and not too happy about my growing because she doesn't condone her...