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legalization of marijuana

  1. BarçaBeachBum

    Public Cannabis Consumption Now Allowed In Colombia Is Full Marijuana Legalization Next?

  2. M

    What benefits are MMJ users going to get with a medical card in California from 2018?

    Seriously though. You can start buying recreational weed from January in the state. If you are going to get a MMJ renewal, what type of benefits are you hoping to get from it? And those looking to buy one, please explain how medical marijuana patients are at a much better position than...
  3. T

    The next 8 states to legalize marijuana

    The next 8 states to legalize marijuana California The founding state of the medical marijuana program. Californians are expected to vote in legal marijuana for recreational use in 2016 with the help of the marijuana policy project. Florida This year amendment 2 was very successful...
  4. P

    Do you think Oregon has a chance?

    I would like to think that MJ would become legal here in Oregon but majority of the voters voted against it in 2011. Now in less than a month Oregonians can vote to legalize it this fall. Do you think they have a chance? Do you think it might get passed? I would like to assume so because the...
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