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legalize cannabis

  1. Amy Gardner

    Amy Gardner Of Eden: Forest Adventures With Doc Bud’s HBB

    Eden is a work in progress Welcome to Eden, we’re just getting started :ganjamon: I grow primarily outside under the Southern Hemisphere sun. I’m further south than what’s ideal for growing cannabis so I am, over the next few years, auditioning strains to find out what grows well here, as...
  2. H

    Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal UK

    Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal. Sign the petition Archived Petition: Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal. Legalising cannabis could bring in £900m in taxes every year, save £400m on policing cannabis and create over 10,000 new jobs. A substance...
  3. B

    Newby just looking around

    Hey guys hows it going? I am a 54 year old disabled man who use's MMJ for pain and peace of mind. I live in Washington state where they just legalized MJ. This is a great step forward, but they are now wanting to regulate the medical use, namely growing for personal use. They want to eliminate...
  4. supporter83

    Legalize it!

    Hello folks, I am new to this website and so happy that I found it. I am on a quest working on the state level for the awareness and support of House Bill84: The NC Cannabis Act. I am trying to gather as much information and speak with as many folks as possible to do my part for this bill. I...
  5. O

    Cheers All From Organica Grow!

    Every day we continue to lose the war on drugs and millions of dollars per day fighting it just as the law enforcement officers understand (L.E.A.P.). I am a member or NORML NATIONAL, a member of NORML in my home state that is in prohibition from medicinal cannabis, I am a member of the...
  6. preprodigy

    We need 3k more signatures, do your part to be heard!

    yes there is a quick, free, registration to be able to sign the petition. do your part, 5 mins and your done, let your voices be heard! please we only need 3k more out of 25,000 signautres needed. we've come this far, help us go the distance. Criminal Justice Petition: Let the End Marijuana...
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