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    4 year grower. starting a grow journal

    Hey guys I just wanted to introduce myself. Name is Zakk. or HearMeR00R. I want to start a grow journal with my Lemon Garlic OG from Humboldt Seed Organization, and my AutoMazar from Dutch Passion. I appreciate the help!! PS I need help starting my journal
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    1st Soil Grow 2010 BB - LOG - AP - PG - MB - HB

    This is my first medical marijuana grow and first grow journal. I received the clones 8-8-2010. Any input or support is greatly appreciated! Grow Setup: 4ft x 4ft x 7ft Grow Tent 600 Watt Air Cooled MH & HPS Digital Ballast 6 inch 340 CFM Exhaust Fan 6 inch 240 CFM Inline Fan 7 inch...
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