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    Any suggestion? Is lemon ready?

    Lemon Green gelato Random So my question is lemon haze ready? i dont see any amber trichomes , all they re milky ;/ green gelato needs another 2 weeks i think and that random is lost i think ;/
  2. phaedhaus-infuse-bong.jpg


    The Phaedhaus Infuse Bong lets you infuse your smoke with fresh flavors for an elevated smoking experience. This mix of tangerines, lemons, and orange juice tasted incredible. https://www.smokecartel.com/products/phaedhaus-infuse-water-pipe
  3. 20200108_091316 lemon 4.jpg

    20200108_091316 lemon 4.jpg

    Cannabis adjacent 4
  4. 20200108_091259 lemon 3.jpg

    20200108_091259 lemon 3.jpg

    Cannabis adjacent 3
  5. 20200108_091239 lemon 2.jpg

    20200108_091239 lemon 2.jpg

    Cannabis adjacent 2
  6. 20200108_091220 lemon 1.jpg

    20200108_091220 lemon 1.jpg

    Cannabis adjacent 1
  7. Momma’s Kitchen

    Greenhouse Seeds: Canada?

    Does anyone know where to get Greenhouse Seeds to Canada? I’m specifically looking for Franco’s strain of Lemon Cheese. I’ve grown both individually so I really would like to grow this strain and respectfully want to spread his love ❤ and proceeds go towards his family from what I understand...
  8. WP_20190705_11_41_53_Rich.jpg


    Lemon OG Candy
  9. Ultra-Lemon-Haze-Auto.png


    A great example of the Guy Fieri Phase.
  10. 20180516_170109.jpg


    Super lemon haze under mars 2 400
  11. 9D91C3B2-77A9-401C-A5A2-293AEDCEA9B1.jpeg


    Total haul off 1 Ultra Lemon Haze Auto.
  12. HappyBudda

    1st Grow LED 600

    Hey Fam, here are some Photos of Franco's Lemon Cheese and Arjan's Strawberry Haze. I topped the Lemon Cheese, and left the Strawberry as she is. Started Flushing two weeks ago. Some Hairs are still white, but the trichomes are 90 % cloudy already ... Question: I don't know if I should wait...
  13. aceknight

    Automatic-Mainliner #2 ready to bloom, after some TLC

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  19. 31090726_1821799031193054_1063515289_o.jpg


  20. 31016688_1825895667450057_32718509_o.jpg


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