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  1. F

    When do I need to use humidity domes?

    Hi, I planted my germinated seeds today in the pots. I've put a 1.5L transparent bottle of coke on top of each pots. Should I let it there? or wait for the seed to pop before I put it on? by pop, I mean out of the ground
  2. H

    Seedling Troubles

    Hey guys, So this is my first grow, bare with me. I'm growing two crop king Purple Kush in 5 gallon pots, with Happy Frog soil, 300W Vipar Spectra LED's and using filtered tap water scaled to 6.5 on the pH (no nutrients at all just yet); all inside a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent. Lights are...
  3. L

    Curing buds and still sticky

    Hey everyone, I grew some skunk number one, all went well and I harvesters her Sunday 24th of September's and hung my buds to dry. I let them dry until today. They don't seem wet,not damp and not really dry either if that makes sense but they are sticky, I've put them in mason jars to...
  4. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Kapi-Mana Police Call For Owners Of Half a Kilo Of Cannabis

    It's a lost and found story worthy of Cheech and Chong after dopey dope fiends let their stash find its way to police. Wellington District Police posted a picture of the half-kilo of primo buds in a tongue-in-cheek appeal to its owners on its Facebook page on Sunday night replete with the...
  5. J

    Intro - New Grower

    Hi Guys! I'm Tonks, from somewhere in Australia. :) Just started my first grow and was keen to post a journal so people can let me know when I'm doing something especially potato. Loving this community!
  6. O

    Double Header Kush: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

    Two of 4 Hindu Kush (feminized) seedlings germinated presented 2 stems from a single seed. I have read speculation that this is more likely with feminized seeds, but whatever, I'm happy to have them. I resisted advice from a gardening expert to remove one twin (I even hate thinning healthy pea...
  7. S

    Flowering times

    hello im pretty new to this ive been reading about taking plants off at 8 weeks when tricolms are more foggy looking but ive heard to let them go longer than 8 weeks what is the benefits of letting them go longer ??
  8. E

    Anybody ever buy off kingcropseeds.com?

    I wanna know how well of a job they do before I buy off there.
  9. W

    Jungle boys grow tip #5 let the plants die on the vine before you cure

    In the los angeles episode of marijuana mania, Ivan from the jungle boys says to let the plant die on the vine before you cure. Can someone explain what this means? Does it mean to stop watering it and let it die before harvesting?
  10. D

    Are my buds airy or fox tailing?

    Title explains the question. Let me know what you think thanks!
  11. S

    Is my tap water good enough?

    Hey All, Bit of back story. First time grower. Growing in soil in a 4x4 tent. Soil is Oregon's Only #4. Even with the small number of plants I have, watering has become a bit too time consuming. I've been buying gallon jugs of Distilled water (struggling to find R/O locally) and eventually...
  12. A

    Flawless finish flush - Help

    harvesting in soil 2.5g pots .... using av so feeding for 8wks of a 9 week flower and flushing week 9 .. question is using flawless finish i think i used way too much .. out of the 7.5g of water i need to flush each 2.5g pot with do i use flawless finish in every gallon of that 7.5 g flushing...
  13. A

    Is my soil too compact?

    Hello it seems like my soil in my plants are compact is this something normal ? I always prepare my soil before poting i give this air and crush all the solid pieces and let it settle for a few days. Let me now thanks ps:i use coco soil + perlite soil +an add of coco extract
  14. L

    Curing before oil extraction

    I am growing for the purpose of making CCO to treat my husband's cancer and am wondering about curing the product. I understand the need for a slow, controlled cure to enhance flavor and smoothness, but what if you plan on using it for oil? Could I just let it dry out? I am thinking 85 F...
  15. L

    US seed bank recommendations

    Hey yall. I am looking for info on a good reliable US based seed bank. I have been using cropking for a while now but am looking for something diffrent if anyone has some suggestions please let me know or if your a rep please get in touch with me. Thanks.
  16. C

    Bud photos - All feedback appreciated

    Here are some pics of my buds and plants and one of what I just dried Let me know your thoughts please!!!!
  17. Imagine420

    300W Incandescent?

    So i found an old 300w lamp and im wondering if this would be sufficient as extra supplement lighting. Its bigger than the cheap ones ive seen on ebay and other sites and although Ive heard you shouldnt use incandescents this particular lamp is very big and very bright. It also produces quite a...
  18. M

    Time to harvest?

    Just let me know what you think. Day 54. Under 1000w mh and 1000w hps.
  19. D

    Confirm Diagnosis - Leaf problems - Pictures

    . I went out of town for 2 days, luckily i had watered the day prior and right, im watering every 4 days. So when i got back i noticed my ladies' soil was dry so i watered and I also went ahead a dud a good flush sonce im using that crap they call miracle grow. My mistake, as I am a noob and...
  20. L

    Help please! Slow growth & black charcoal look on new leaves

    Hey everyone! Total noob here, first post! I'm primarily doing this grow for just experience not hoping for much. I'm looking for some help on figuring out whats going on. Strain: White widow day: 11 or 12 soil: pro mix organic vegetable & herb mix Lights 2 CFL 43 W about 2/3 inches away...