liberty haze

  1. G

    Having some issues with my girls - Help me please!

    hello everyone, im having some issues and hope you guys can help . info: 12 liter pots , coco , 400w mh , liberty haze fed with atami A+B , H&G roots stimulator im having hard time figuring what's the deficiency here :
  2. Y

    Yummytrees Grow Journal - Pineapple Chunk -Liberty Haze -Blue Dream Haze-Coco/Perlite

    What strain is it? 1.Barneys Farm - Pineapple Chunk - Clones 2.Barneys Farm - Liberty Haze - Seed 3.Cali Connect- Blue Dream Haze - Seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Pineapple- Indica Dom Liberty- Hybrid 50/50 Blue Dream- Mostly Sativa 20/80 Indica/Sativa Is it in Veg...
  3. A

    Seamus' - Anxiolyticure - First Grow: Hydro Organic White Rhino/KC 36/Liberty Haze

    Howdy folks! :Namaste: This will be my first grow of medical plants for my family. Since I am a total newb, I would appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism! Edit: No longer organic. :( What strain is it? Green House Seed Co. White Rhino Fem (x2) KC Brains KC 36 (x2) Barney's Farm...
  4. CareStaker

    Barney's Liberty Haze & Lucy - Green Love Potion - HPS & LED Hybrid Grow-In-The-Dirt

    Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I'm going to be learning as I go here. I've never grown any of these strains before, and I'm not a very experienced gardener, so all comments and advice are welcome. The HPS is a new addition as well, prior was LED and CFL. The flowering period will bring...