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liberty haze

  1. derek910

    Derek910 2020 5 Strain Soil Grow

    I am going to run 5 different strains and I’m going to run 4 of them in organic soil and 1 of them in soil using mega crop. The strains will be Cinderella 99, Liberty Haze, Gelato, and Flowerbomb Kush in the 4x8 underneath 2 Timbergrowlight Model 4VS LED which are 425W each. The 5th strain will...
  2. 1B37E5F1-3C0C-4C3A-92BF-49A8B87462CD.jpeg


    Liberty Haze Day 68
  3. E714D708-74DC-46B2-9208-5B0A7AE9C6CD.jpeg


    Liberty Haze Day 68
  4. derek910

    Derek910 Liberty Haze & Gelato Clone Organic Soil Grow First Attempt

    What strain is it Liberty Haze and Gelato Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 3 Weeks Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? FoxFarm Ocean Forrest/Happy Frog soil with added perlite If...
  5. Liberty Haze

    Liberty Haze

    LH Week 4 of Flower, Day 28
  6. derek910

    Derek910 Soil Liberty Haze & Gelato 2019

    Strain: Liberty Haze and Gelato Type: Hybrids Stage: Veg Location: Indoor Medium: FoxFarm Ocean Forest/Happy Frog Soil Soil Mixture: 70% Soil 30% Perlite Pot Size: 5 Gallon Fabric Pot Light: 600w LED Room Temp: 77 Degrees RH of Room: 55% PH of medium: 6.5 Nutrients: FoxFarm Trio liquid and...

    The Girl Who Drank The Moon

  8. 2percentmilk

    2percentmilk's 9 Strain Outdoor Garden 2018 - Reveg Potential

    This winter I'll be trying my hand at an indoor grow, I've 2 grows under my belt but only on outdoor plants so this should be interesting and a great learning experience anyway, here's what I'm running so far. Strains: 1x Trainwreck 1x Liberty Haze 1x Ayahuasca Purple 1x The Ultimate 1x Big...
  9. G

    Having some issues with my girls - Help me please!

    hello everyone, im having some issues and hope you guys can help . info: 12 liter pots , coco , 400w mh , liberty haze fed with atami A+B , H&G roots stimulator im having hard time figuring what's the deficiency here :
  10. Y

    Yummytrees Grow Journal - Pineapple Chunk -Liberty Haze -Blue Dream Haze-Coco/Perlite

    What strain is it? 1.Barneys Farm - Pineapple Chunk - Clones 2.Barneys Farm - Liberty Haze - Seed 3.Cali Connect- Blue Dream Haze - Seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Pineapple- Indica Dom Liberty- Hybrid 50/50 Blue Dream- Mostly Sativa 20/80 Indica/Sativa Is it in Veg...
  11. A

    Seamus' - Anxiolyticure - First Grow: Hydro Organic White Rhino/KC 36/Liberty Haze

    Howdy folks! :Namaste: This will be my first grow of medical plants for my family. Since I am a total newb, I would appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism! Edit: No longer organic. :( What strain is it? Green House Seed Co. White Rhino Fem (x2) KC Brains KC 36 (x2) Barney's Farm...
  12. CareStaker

    Barney's Liberty Haze & Lucy - Green Love Potion - HPS & LED Hybrid Grow-In-The-Dirt

    Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I'm going to be learning as I go here. I've never grown any of these strains before, and I'm not a very experienced gardener, so all comments and advice are welcome. The HPS is a new addition as well, prior was LED and CFL. The flowering period will bring...
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