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    I Want To Grow Some Pot

    I put a seed into 655 ml of sunshine #4 and watered it. A few days later we have lift off. I think this is going to be a big plant for sure.
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    BC: Marijuana Businesses Wary Ahead Of Legalization

    Vancouver — With recreational pot becoming a reality in Canada, businesses in the marijuana industry know a new multi-billion dollar market is about to burst wide open. Over 100 such businesses are represented at the Lift Cannabis Expo, happening all weekend at the Vancouver Convention...
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    ON: Lift Resource Clinic In Bowmanville Helps Patients Access Medical Marijuana

    A new clinic in Bowmanville is hoping to eliminate barriers to medical marijuana access for local patients. The Lift Resource Centre opened in April at the 196 King St. E. "The Lift Resource Centre is a patient counselling and education centre," explained the centre's director of...
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    The Lift Cannabis Expo Comes To Toronto May 28 - 29, 2016

    The Lift Cannabis Expo is coming to Toronto May 28 - 29 and the timing couldn't be any better for Canadians looking to learn about and experience this massive new industry. In the past six months alone the federal government pledged to legalize cannabis for adult use, Shoppers Drug Mart, London...
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    Feed - Water - Water? Good starting point?

    Hello all, I am almost at the 10 day mark for my one plant and am about to start feeding! (Botanicare and PromixHP) So far, it is taking my 1/2 gallon pots 3 days to get light enough for watering. As a result, I'm thinking of feeding every third watering. Is this a good starting point?