light deprived

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    Nitrogen deficiency? Lighting issue? Other?

    I need help...what is wrong with the plant on the left? Does this look like a nitrogen deficiency? Overwatering? Lighting issue? The two plants in the picture are from the exact same mother and cloned at the same time. My friend has had the one on the Right, I've had the one on the Left. Left...
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    Please help!

    Alright, my grow is probably the worst one youve ever seen. I basically just left them growing at one of my houses while i lived away. I havent been able to tend to them since the start of flowering and things have gone pretty bad. We had a cyclone that blew them over into funny positions. As a...
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    Advice on light deprived side of bud please

    Hi all, I have a bud that was in the back of my grow tent and one side of the bud was pushed up against the grow tent wall keeping it from getting any light. Now I have one side that is mostly white. I've since harvested some of the mature buds and re-positioned the bud so the light deprived...
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