light leak

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    tent opening to prove light leak fallacy 55'X55"X79"
  2. S

    How Important Is Light Leak?

    I've noticed that light leak comes up as a stress on plants with some people worrying about almost pin prick holes. Growing indoors in a tent I haven't though about it much as the light is controlled. I planted some seedlings outside this spring and was wondering how light leak can be a problem...
  3. S

    Flowering question

    Hello all. I searched the forums but didn't see the answer I seek. I have a plant in flowering stage with 12/12 light cycle. It is in a DWC with air stones. It seems to be very healthy. It's been in the 12/12 cycle nearly two full weeks but I see no buds forming I do see a whole bunch of...
  4. N

    How dark so no hermies

    So how dark must my room be so I don't have problems. I'm growing femanized seeds, soil, Humboldt nutrients, greenhouse grow and have to move to dark room, can I just cover or is it worth the time to move to complete dark room? My plants are tall already.
  5. G

    End of week 2 flower - Is it a hermie?

    Hey thread, Getting to the end of week 2 with the Ghost Train Haze #1 and noticing sacks are starting to produce and my Animal cookies with pistils. Got it the Ghost Haze as a clone and has been pretty healthy. But since I've changed rooms, I've been really nervous about a light leak and I...
  6. B

    How dark?

    I understand when plants are put into flowering the lighting needs to be about 12 on, 12 off and I get the impression that it should be TOTAL darkness during the lights out phase of flowering. My question is this... when my plants sprout and grow, up until the flowering stage, is this "TOTAL"...
  7. BlissfulToker

    Light Leaks & Hermies

    Just wondering what the average grower would consider to be a light leak. would a light leak be considered a little beam of light directly hitting the leaves? Does the grow room need to have ABSOLUTE PITCH BLACK darkness? or is it alright if there is a faint glow from behind some blackout...
  8. U

    Stressed in the 6th week! Can the smell come back?

    So this is my first grow, however i've had some professional help. everything was going perfectly until a couple weeks ago when i noticed some powdery mildew. I would sit in my grow room, taking my time with my ipod plugged in to the speakers i have, and carefully remove affected leaves...
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