light mover

  1. Light Mover122.jpg

    Light Mover122.jpg

    Better light coverage in the form of a motor!
  2. itshotinhere

    Need help selecting the right LED

    Hello all, This is my first post so bare with me. My room, although not ideal can work. Its 3' x 5" deep, 7' x 5" wide and 6' in height. The walls are fixed with the door in the centre so working on plants at either end would be challenging. At this stage I'm considering 2 DWC buckets...
  3. Green Garden

    Installing a light mover?

    Hello! We just got a new LightRail 3.5 and are having some difficulties installing it, does anyone have a secret?!!! The instructions are very vague and aren't very helpful!! Thanks for any advice in advance!! :cheer2:
  4. B

    Completed 600W HPS - Light Mover - 3x4x7.5 Tent - LED Veg - Perpetual Pt. 2

    Welcome to the BatCave and to the HPS version of my perpetual grow. I have been growing successfully with LED's for the last year, HPS the year before that. I started up my 250HPS with my LED's when I switched to a much larger tent than I have been using, mostly to keep the tent in the 70's. My...
  5. carp

    Abandoned Indoor Grow Room (Strawberry Cough x AK-47 , Romulan , Lambsbread , Kush)

    Hi hows it goin. this is my first time usin the site. I like the grow journal idea. This is my first time were i grow plants were i dont have to give them away or doin it only for a few weeks. I have a few 15 clones growing and 2 from seeds Clones: 8 Lambsbread 4 Strawberry Cough x...
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