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  1. Kushe

    Setup Question

    I am thinking of taking an old locker and putting some plants in it, and putting holes in the top so the plants can get air. do you guys think that would work. Also is there a UV light that is also a black light, and if so can weed grow under it?
  2. LemonadeStand

    Hello All :) Heres the lowdown

    Hey my fellows I just want to say hello, and to introduce my self to you. Where I live, growing is quite frowned upon, why? I could not tell you, but alas it is true, so one day after getting ripped off at gun point for 400$ I decided that I would become a rebel and risk the fuzz rather than...
  3. candyman2007

    Venting my Closet need Input

    https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/ScannedImage1.jpg I am trying to plan my new grow room and wanted to get some input on my idea. I want to keep my temps in a good range and supply all the light needed. the closet is 23" deep, 51" long, and 96" high Light one is a 400W...
  4. akrazyrunner

    1st Time Using a Greenhouse and seeds concerns

    Hi Everyone, I bought a Jiffy Greenhouse at Home Depot the other day How Does Your Garden Grow? : Jiffy Professional Greenhouse Kit - Jiffy Professional Greenhouse Kit - Epinions.com and my plan is to load it up with as many seeds as I can (72 or so) as I think all of my seeds are too old...
  5. M

    lighting a bowl

    I have seen a few different ways people have light up or heated up the stuff when they are rolling it. Some people like using alcohol burners because there are less toxins than butane lighters. I have seen hot knife heated with a propane torch. I have seen bowls and joints lit by the sun using a...
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