lighting 12\12 cycle

  1. FreightTrain

    Light spacing based on Lux

    First time grower here. Can you adjust the light based solely on the Lux meter? Between 60,000-85,000 is supposedly ideal for flower. however these numbers based fr M my meter brings my 400watt HPS within 6-8 inches from my plant. I use the hand under the light method and it's quite warm but...
  2. I

    12/12 lighting

    hi i will be changing the lighting on my plnats to 12/12 in the next few days and was just woundering do i just change the timer straight away for should i give them 24 hours of darkness before ??? also is it a good idea to flush my pots befor changing to the the food for flowering ?
  3. C

    Upping my lighting watts?

    so i have been using 3 lamps with 100 watt cfl's my plant is 4 weeks into 12 12 flowering....i finaly was able to get a 1000 watt set up....should i start it now or wait till my next grow to introduce more lights from sprout?
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