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lighting burn

  1. WizHigh

    Wilting Problem Zinc Magnese Nitrogen Problem Not Sure Please Help!

    Earlier today the plant was doing fine, it was very perky now its wilting and it looks as if there's burning accuring. I was using CFLs 11 23w = 100w each bulb gives off 1600 lumens. Once I seen burning or some type of discoloration I switched to soft white bulbs 250w 3900 lumens each bulb. Temp...
  2. S

    Black spots, leaf burn and lighting?

    Hello all from down under, New to this site and to growing indoors. I have some problems I need your help with please! I have been growing outdoors for years but have decided to try my hand at indoors this year as I had some sensi seeds and want to keep the strain going. Ok so here it...