lights for grow

  1. J

    Do I need both my lights or just one?

    I had 2 300 W LED lights on the 4 photo and 2 auto flower plants on the side not really worried about. I do have is when Taylor Tronics LED light that I can use in conjunction with the 10 x 10 LED light. Or should I continue to use both both of my 10 x 10 LED lights that I'm using right now...
  2. S

    Lighting Question 10000k or 5000k?

    Hey i have a dual t5 one bulb is 10000k the other just says B and a t8 with a sunlight bulb will these be any good for the grow i have the option of replacing all 3 with 5000k bulbs . what should i do?? TIA
  3. S

    What kind of lighting should I use?

    I'm new to this forum and this would be my first post and my first grow, currently my grow room is a good sized walk-in closet that I don't use in my home (I have a carbon filter and good ventilation with an ONA gel bucket after doing some re-modeling) I culled six seeds from about 4 ounces that...
  4. luvsmokinweed


    Is this enough light for a good flowering?; 1x 50w(200w eq) CFL 2700k 3860L 2x 23w(100w eq) CFL 2700k 1500L 1x 100w MH 6000k I was told this puts out about 30,000L im not sure if its true or not. My friend says he grows 15 plants under his 100w MH in a corner of the room with no...
  5. J

    Will my T5H0 Sunblaster lights fufill the whole grow?

    Hi guys, New user here, just have a lighting question. I am starting a personal grow of two auto-flowering plants (Pineapple Punch), and have bought two T5H0 sun-blaster propagation lights and was just wondering will they satisfy the plants from start to finish? i know they say propagation...
  6. WizHigh

    Apollo or iPower?

    Looking to get a new ballast and light set up. First time using electric ballast. I my self prefer magnetic. But hey first time for everything. So which one is the better one, or can someone point me in a even better direction????? APOLLO VS iPOWER?????????
  7. WizHigh

    T5 + CFL Question? Switching to MH/HPS

    My plants are in there second week of veg. The medium im using is organic/coco coir. One is in 3L pot and the other in a 1L. Ive been watering them regular but the one explodes with growth everyday. So I have to water that one more then often. Im planning on switching soil to Ocean Forest...
  8. I

    To LED or not to LED?

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums, although have been reading 420 for years. This seems to be by far the best community on the web and i am verry happy/exited to now be a part of it. I am planning a larger grow than i am used to using the SOG Ebb and flow technique for 10 plants (2...
  9. B

    Lights for a nice grow!

    im starting on this shit now and im concern about doing for my own , i studyed a lot but still some question, if u people could help i would be apreciated.. my plant is white widow FIRST QUESTION can i grow veg period with floor lights approximatly...