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  1. M

    Just bought new LED light: red, blue, purple?

    What's up guys I just bought a new light and I'm going to put it in my grow tent. I don't know the effectiveness of the new light but it has three colors that being BLUE, RED, and PURPLE. wattage is 25 PPF 46.028 BLUE PF 49.122 RED PF 30.896 Blue wavelength 449nm Red Wavelength 640nm...
  2. phiGweed

    Clones in 4x4 with Spider Farmer SF 4000

    Hello! I have a few clones in a 4x4 grow tent. Just transplanted them into soil. I have a spider farmer SF 4000. I have the light dimmed to 20 as of now with the light 3ft away from the clones.. Any advice on lighting, worried I won’t give them enough or too much. How much light to use? Any...
  3. Cannygrow

    HLG vs HSP for my first lb grow?

    Hello fellas I am branching out my 2x4 grow tent into a grow room I am building that is 6ft wide 2.5 feed deep and 6feet tall.I currently own an hlg v2 288 and know for fact it is not enough light to cover that footprint so am wondering what are some opinions regarding either adding a 400w hps...
  4. M

    In the market for full spectrum LEDs or CMH

    Been in the hobby for about 5 years. Always had a digital ballast (iPower 1000, Apollo 600) Ushio, Hortilux Bulbs; along with 4-4ft T5 for early Veg. But I'm in need of an Upgrade and have been super impressed with Top Shelf Full Spectrum L.E.D.'s as well as the new Ceramic Metal Halide's. i.e...
  5. Bubbafreed

    Too much LED light?

    Hi all please see the attached photo this is 2 * 800 in a 1.2 by 1.2 tent, I have been watching with regards to check PAR / LUX I don't seem to be able to get above 10000 LUX if I have one light on with regards to plants on the outside. So the question is am I over powered? Are my lights to...
  6. J

    Do I need both my lights or just one?

    I had 2 300 W LED lights on the 4 photo and 2 auto flower plants on the side not really worried about. I do have is when Taylor Tronics LED light that I can use in conjunction with the 10 x 10 LED light. Or should I continue to use both both of my 10 x 10 LED lights that I'm using right now...
  7. S

    Lighting Question 10000k or 5000k?

    Hey i have a dual t5 one bulb is 10000k the other just says B and a t8 with a sunlight bulb will these be any good for the grow i have the option of replacing all 3 with 5000k bulbs . what should i do?? TIA
  8. S

    What kind of lighting should I use?

    I'm new to this forum and this would be my first post and my first grow, currently my grow room is a good sized walk-in closet that I don't use in my home (I have a carbon filter and good ventilation with an ONA gel bucket after doing some re-modeling) I culled six seeds from about 4 ounces that...
  9. luvsmokinweed


    Is this enough light for a good flowering?; 1x 50w(200w eq) CFL 2700k 3860L 2x 23w(100w eq) CFL 2700k 1500L 1x 100w MH 6000k I was told this puts out about 30,000L im not sure if its true or not. My friend says he grows 15 plants under his 100w MH in a corner of the room with no...
  10. J

    Will my T5H0 Sunblaster lights fufill the whole grow?

    Hi guys, New user here, just have a lighting question. I am starting a personal grow of two auto-flowering plants (Pineapple Punch), and have bought two T5H0 sun-blaster propagation lights and was just wondering will they satisfy the plants from start to finish? i know they say propagation...
  11. WizHigh

    Apollo or iPower?

    Looking to get a new ballast and light set up. First time using electric ballast. I my self prefer magnetic. But hey first time for everything. So which one is the better one, or can someone point me in a even better direction????? APOLLO VS iPOWER?????????
  12. WizHigh

    T5 + CFL Question? Switching to MH/HPS

    My plants are in there second week of veg. The medium im using is organic/coco coir. One is in 3L pot and the other in a 1L. Ive been watering them regular but the one explodes with growth everyday. So I have to water that one more then often. Im planning on switching soil to Ocean Forest...
  13. I

    To LED or not to LED?

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums, although have been reading 420 for years. This seems to be by far the best community on the web and i am verry happy/exited to now be a part of it. I am planning a larger grow than i am used to using the SOG Ebb and flow technique for 10 plants (2...
  14. B

    Lights for a nice grow!

    im starting on this shit now and im concern about doing for my own , i studyed a lot but still some question, if u people could help i would be apreciated.. my plant is white widow FIRST QUESTION can i grow veg period with floor lights approximatly...
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