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  1. M

    Newbie Light Help

    Hey there guys, Im new to the forum and even though it is a very good information resource I just cant seem to find answers to a couple of my questions. I was thinking of using two 100 watt HPS lights for my first grow (8x4x8 grow area 18000 lumens) would this be alright and also what exactly do...
  2. Lurch Farmer

    2 4oow hps on 1 circute

    HELLO, I an setting up a 5x5x7.5 flower and for ease of work 2 - iPower Grow Light - Dimmable , HPS Digital Grow Light System 400W with 19" Wing Reflector and Yoyo. .My questions are, 1. can both of these be run on one 20 outlet to 20 breaker (normal plug in US house hold, or, splice(solder...
  3. M

    How far from bud does 1000 hps need to b

    well i got a 1000 hps light and wondering what height is good from the buds 2 feet distance or what can somebody let me know ..thanks...:bong:
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