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  1. L

    Hello from Colorado

    High - my name is Kadee and I have been a medical marijuana grower and care provider for 6 months now. I taught my self how to grow from the internet and I love it. Right now I am growing aeroponically with Gener Hydroponics 3 part seris only. I am going to cut some clones today and go to...
  2. 4

    Light Confusion

    A lot of people have a lot of opinions on indoor lighting. It always comes down to lumens and it seems like the more lumens you can produce the better your crop is going to produce. I've looked at 4 foot 8 bulb T5's. as well as 400W 600W and 1000W lights in vented hoods. However, a lot of what...
  3. E

    Cabinets, simple story set up

    Well, since I live in So. Cali...thank God for freedom, I Am a medical MJ user, yet since age 13 off and on user. So since the cal. Sup. Court put no limits on what I can grow, I have the required 25 sq ft area and more, I grow my own. Yet, not a fancy grower, but I did once grow a closet...
  4. B

    Best deal on CFL's?

    I am looking to purchase a 250 watt cfl with reflector for $134 on ebay. Does anyone know where I could buy it cheaper? Thanx.:blunt:
  5. B


    Hello to the forum.:welcome: I am brand new to this page and want to just start by saying High... I have started my own project and I'm loving every bit of it. There are a lot of questions that I'm going to have along the way. :bong: So you guys know I make a large grow hood/Lamp I'm...
  6. F

    Flowering with a mh

    I kno its possible to start flowering with a mh but how good would the bud come out I am growing blue dynamyte, grape ape, and bubba kush in organic foxfarm soil, should I just get a hps for like185 use it for the time being, or should I attempt to flower with my metal halide thank u much pac...
  7. Y

    How big of a light do i need

    Hey all, just a small question i built a small box apx. 4' tall x 3.65' wide x by 2.5 deep its a hydro system with water res under the system to leave more growing room. I just bought a floralux 150W HPS with a Powerful 16,000 lumen output Is this big enough? thanks "YOOPERPOT" ~Jim:thankyou:
  8. kiki

    So lost ...SOS...Please...lights?

    hello im very confused on witch kind of lights 2 use my uncle (who grows:rasta:) told me use these blue 60w light bulbs (it says there natural light (similar to sunlight) but i also have no idea about how 2 hide my plants cuz im going 2 b living in a apartment soon witch wont b having much room...
  9. S

    I've confused myself. yet again.

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone has had a good week so far. I keep second guessing myself with this situation I am in.. and I need help with it. Any help sure would be appreciated and I'm sure that this issue will be really easy for someone to figure out. My problem is... is I have...
  10. T

    Best light for cloner tray

    Yeah I know silly question but hey........ So Im thinking on a 30 pot hydro cloner system. what would the best wattage be? like a 40 watt was what I was thinking? So could use some suggestions:bong:
  11. C

    Accidentally left the lights on during dark cycle!

    So my roomate went in to work in the garden just before the dark cycle last night and left the door open and room lights on in the room, stoner! So the plants are in flower, one side is 3 weeks out and the other 7 weeks from harvest. they got 9 hours of light before I caught onto the mistake...
  12. T

    Hoping for HPS light opinions and input

    SO I was checking out this system and cant seem to beat the price by buying the parts separately from any source: Xtrasun 1000w HPS/MH & Xtrasun AC 6 inch [1855] - $250.00 : Pacific Coast Hydroponics, Premium Indoor Gardening Equipment Question is, what wrong with it? Trying to keep...
  13. J

    A few things for this first time grower

    I will start growing with in the next 6 months and there are a lot of questions i have. The closet i will be doing is a 3'x4'x5' area. 2 chambers. hydroponic system. Seeds: Do i want to put seeds directly into the 10" hydro pots or grow them in lets say red cups? I don't want to replant these...
  14. W

    Cant delte i guess but its about the topsy turvy (upside down growing)

    but i have pics now on the other thread
  15. W

    How should i position my lights?

    I have my topsy turvy and i dont know how i should position the light indoors so any comments regarding would be greatly appreciated thank you!:thankyou:
  16. LadyLiberty

    Full investigation on CFLs lumen output vs wattage vs price

    ok so i have been craving an upgrade to my grow, but first thing i need to settle on is my light. i will be growing in a 1x1 area. yes very small. i was contiplating getting a 100w MH. but decided not to for the money would not be efficiently spent. instead i will settle on multiple cfls my...
  17. N

    Closet LED grow

    So this is my closet. these plants are brought to you entirely by LED's, since seedling. they have been around since may, but I got them late june. they had traumatic childhood... broken mainstems from falling lights, small pots, insufficient food / care.... but I have been nursing them back...
  18. A Gardener

    Hi Guys

    Hi Guys, I am A Gardener and I am brand new here! I Have been growing my own White Russian, Chronic, AK, Bubble Gum etc for about 7 or 8 years. I am very lucky as i live with my two best friends, my 3 year old dog and one of her pups. I have a whole house to myself, which I make the most of...
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