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  1. K

    How long do I have seeds in 24hr lights

    Yesterday was day 21 in planting seeds, they are doing ok, but how long do ikeep them on 24 hr lights, when do I change to 12 n 12, can anyone help please, this is my firstgrow, 4 northern light and 5 ak48. :Namaste:
  2. E

    New grower and my first grow room!

    Hey friends I just got my first space and don't know where to start. Its a 10x17 basement room with 2 basement windows on one wall. I can post pics as well. I want a set up that'll yield the most per cycle... So how many lights and plants?! Theres so many damn theories lol my buddy is...
  3. Ron Strider

    TN: Car With No Lights Leads To Major Marijuana Bust In Sumner County

    When police saw a car with Texas plates and no lights, driving through heavy fog on Tuesday morning, they knew something was wrong. An officer from the 18th Judicial Drug Task Force working on Interstate 65 pulled over the car, a white Ford, with two men inside. Task Force Officer Jason...
  4. NoobyMacDooby

    NoobyMacDooby's Grow: Less Nooby More Dooby!

    Noobymacdooby here with the start of my 3rd grow. As the title states I'm trying to learn to be a better grower so help and feedback appreciated. This will be my 1st grow however with good genetics. Super excited but nervous too, don't want to mess things up but that is part of learning. Some...
  5. E

    EndItAll's Ongoing Organic DIY Adventure

    Since my grows are overlapping and I can't be bothered to keep starting and stopping journals, I'm just gonna go with an ongoing journal of whatever I have going on. For those of you just joining my ravings, here's the important details. Main overhead lights: -1x 200w (actual watts, not...
  6. M

    35 days in flower - Is this a potassium issue?

    Hi guys. Somehow got this far by solely gleaning info from the forum and didn't want to ruin things this deep into my first grow. I'm going northern lights, in soil, in a diy cabinet. Lights are 150W hps and I've got 4 cfls added for flowering. Noticed some of the lower fan leaves are...
  7. W

    Grow lights

    I was wondering if anyone has has combined a couple of black lights with regular florescent grow lights:thumb:
  8. D

    Does Size Really Matter - LED?

    Okay so we all know when we use HID lights the more wattage you have the more you yield right? You are more than capable of doing a grow with a 450w light but if you use a 1000w light you have a better yield correct? Is this the same way with LED? If i have a 4x4 tent, instead of using the...
  9. H

    Seedling Troubles

    Hey guys, So this is my first grow, bare with me. I'm growing two crop king Purple Kush in 5 gallon pots, with Happy Frog soil, 300W Vipar Spectra LED's and using filtered tap water scaled to 6.5 on the pH (no nutrients at all just yet); all inside a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent. Lights are...
  10. goofyfoot

    13 day old Autos - One showing sex already

    Howdy All and a question: what is the soonest anyone has seen an Auto show pistils?? This is my third attempt and the other 2 grows where at 20 & 22 days if I remember correctly. One plant is a Northern Lights (indica) and the one showing is a Mexican Airline (sativa) , I would have guest the...
  11. D

    Droopy's First Grow - Soil - Blue Himalaya Auto & +Speed Auto - 2017

    Blue Himalaya & + Speed Auto Both Hybrids / Autos / Feminized Indoor Soil = FFOF 1 gallon pots 250 actual watts CFL (mix of 6500 & 2700) 68-71 lights out / 78-84 lights on Watering around every 3 days No nutes yet This is one of my first posts but have received a bunch of info to...
  12. HigherTheHigh

    Skunk XL - 3 weeks veg - 10 plants - 4x8 tent

    HELLO ALL! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and hopefully some growers can help me out here. I have 10 skunk xl that are 3 weeks from seed, I did 4 northern lights 5 weeks veg from seed in 20L pots on the last grow and yielded 20.3oz dry. QUESTION IS: How long should i veg for to get the...
  13. G

    How much THC in those plants? 3 lights 3 results

    Here's some real testing of 3 lights. 400 watt Spectrum King (LED), 315 watt CMH (LEC), and a 750 watt GAVITA. This guy is constantly growing plants. He seems to like Spectrum King lights because of the lower heat and terpines. He also likes the resin and efficiency of the LEC. Enjoy.
  14. WillGrow510

    LSD & Great White Shark Under 2x 315w CMH In Coco 4x4 Room

    Greetings. Welcome to my 5th grow!!!! Genetics: LSD And Great White Shark Femenized House Strain from JustFeminized dot com. Lights: 2x 315w Generic CMH hoods with Philips T9 bulbs (one 4,200k and the other 3,500k). Medium: Coco Coir bricks rehydrated and mixed with pearlignt and rice...
  15. T

    What lights should I be using?

    Hey everyone, I am new to growing, and was wondering what are the best lights to use? Currently I am using two 100w LED 1500 lumen light bulbs on just one plant, is that enough? Not enough? I'm not sure, the plant seems to be doing fine under them but we'll see. Any advice helps, thanks!
  16. C

    Are all LED grow lights the same? $100 vs $500 lights?

    Found some 1000 watt Led grow lights with good reviews for $149 on amazon. Wondering how they compare to the more expensive ones? Thanks
  17. S

    Need advice on nutrients for Auto Northern Lights

    Hi guys im a first time grower so need some help please. the situation is this... i have 3 northen lights autos from royalqueenseeds i have a bottle of plant start, ph up and down a bottle of take root and A and B.. is there anything else i can give them and how much should i give them. Any...
  18. Rider509

    Rider's first foray into LED strip lighting: Samsung H Series GEN3

    I became interested in the LED strip cobs as a replacement for the 8' T12 fluorescents in my tattoo shop, but the more I looked into them I wondered if they could be used for growing. I ordered eight of the 4' 5000k 80 CRI lights and a Meanwell driver to experiment with. If it works I have an...
  19. K.puff&stuff

    What do you all think about the specs

    Hi guys I'm still shopping for lights. I came across these lights they are expensive But I wanted to hear from you guys on what you think of them Please read I find the power of these light mite be a little strong they full spectrum lights Thanks Description 600 watt Full Spectrum LED...
  20. D

    DesertPlant's 2nd DWC White Widow & Northern Lights Journal - 2017

    This will be my second grow. The first was several years ago and is posted here. This grow will be two plants in a 5' x 2.5' tent. One is a White Widow from ILGM, and one Northern Lights that will be planted once the seeds are delivered. Both are feminized seeds. The WW spent a day in water...
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