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  1. O

    What Method Would You Choose If Limited To 16 Plants For Maximum Yield?

    might be moving to colorado in the near future so i can finally grow again. my cousin is already a resident there so i can grow with him until i obtain residency. the discussion i'd like to have is on how you guys would maximize yield/cost efficiency with a 16 plant limit. i'm thinking scrogging...
  2. Caconym

    Lighting advice compact grow with limited headroom

    Hello! I am fairly new to growing, I have been involved with friends' grows but have only completed one tiny one of my own in a 90l bin under 2 65W CFLs. I have since progressed to a slightly larger space. I have a single plant growing currently, essentially as a test run. She's a few days away...
  3. K

    GA: Limited Medical Marijuana Bill Hits Senate As Others Push Cultivation

    A bill offering a small expansion to Georgia's medical marijuana law will be introduced Thursday in the state Senate, the same day the law's architect expects to file much broader legislation attempting to legalize growing and distributing the drug in-state for medicinal purposes. Senate Bill...
  4. K

    CA: Placer County To Allow Indoor-Outdoor Pot Grows

    Following the passage of Propositions 64, Placer County supervisors are trying to keep pace. The state recreational marijuana initiative allows people to grow a limited amount of pot indoors. Supervisors voted 4-0 to allow limited cultivation inside and outside in the unincorporated areas...
  5. G

    Help With My Soil Mix - Limited Resources In Our Country

    Guys need your input for my soil mix i want to produce super soil mix or close to that. The problem is we have very limited supplies in our country,basically i need to order it from abroad like fox farm potting mix which the shipping cost is twice the price of the soil itself. I would be using 5...
  6. R

    Nevada Allows Hemp Growing - For Limited Purposes

    Hemp can now be grown for limited purposes in Nevada. Senate Bill 305 authorizes the growing of hemp for research by the state Department of Agriculture or institutions of higher learning. Industry trade groups say hemp is used in the manufacture of paper, biofuels, and building materials...