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    Transplanted small outdoor plant indoors - Dying fast

    I found this growing outdoors, probably from the people that lived here before me, and decided to transplant it and move it inside so it dont freeze in a few weeks. When i transplanted the plant all leaves were bold green and it wasnt even slightly limp but moving it seems to have killed it. I...
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    Limp stems?

    Second week of growing blue dream [outdoor] and my stem is becoming limp?? Is it best to add support now? Or add water and place in a more sunny spot?
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    new to 420 mag in search of answers

    Hey, hows it goin. I'm new here to 420 magazine. seasoned in growing and specialized in overlooking mistakes or simple tasks brings a problem. there are 6 plants in a controlled environment. all 6 underwent a lack of water phase due to the caretaker not paying attention. with a water PH level...
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