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  1. J

    Question about drug test

    Good Afternoon Everyone I just took the dreaded Labcorp test and I am freaking out. Im 5:11 145 pounds 7 percent body fat, pretty well in shape with a very fast metabolism. I have been clean for 22 days since December the 4th. I have been taking the at home drug test with faint lines I get...
  2. Ron Strider

    Long Lines In Nevada As Recreational Marijuana Goes On Sale

    Fireworks, long lines and even a wedding marked the start of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada. At midnight Saturday, legal pot went on sale -- making Nevada the eighth state to allow the purchase of marijuana in dispensaries. Nevada's law lets adults 21 and older to possess up to an...
  3. cnile

    RO on tap water auto shutoff?

    anyone konw of easy auto shut off things for a RO filter that has a small res tank and is tapped into lines under sink. currently has a twist turn on or off with a little faucet.
  4. S

    PM and dehumidification & recirculation question

    Hi all, I have a sealed room operation, 12 lights in a 20x20 space, running minisplits and a quest 205 dehumidifier. The mini and dehumidifier have their drain lines recirculated to my RO tank allowing me to recapture a good deal of water daily. We noticed some PM in the room (will treat it...
  5. G

    First time top feed DWC grower questions

    OK so I just had a question about this setup. I was wondering since I'm going to be doing 3 plants and I have a 6 hub drip manifold can I run 2 lines to each plant or will that be to much nutrient water? I am going to be using a 10 gallon tote with 5 gallons of water. 2 10 inch air stones. I...
  6. C

    Nector for the Gods

    I've been using some of this product lately. I use a feed system with a rez and pumps. The bone meal seems be really make a mess of my res, pumps, and feeder lines. It will turn to a cement like material and is almost impossible to get off the res walls. Anyone else have this problem and any...