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  1. Magic Bean

    Magic Bean

    21CWMTKxTMS F1
  2. Ripening


    21CWMTKxTMS F1
  3. Next Generation

    Next Generation

    21CWMTKxTMS F1
  4. Lions Head from District 6

    Lions Head from District 6

    Lions Head
  5. 21CWMTK x TMS Magic Beans F1

    21CWMTK x TMS Magic Beans F1

    magic beans, cultivated at Lions Head in Cape Town
  6. Training Soon

    Training Soon

    Mama TK in her bigger pot, in shock. Once she is settled I will top and train her
  7. Root bound Mama TK

    Root bound Mama TK

    moved to a 25 liter pot
  8. Skunky Mama = another view

    Skunky Mama = another view

    Durban Skunk
  9. Mama TK

    Mama TK

    I am potting her up today
  10. Culled


    two sickly seedlings pulled
  11. Durban Skunk

    Durban Skunk

    There are Durban Poison notes in this Skunk, so I am revegging her.
  12. Transkei 2 and Swaz (skunk)

    Transkei 2 and Swaz (skunk)

  13. Chronic Ryder reveg

    Chronic Ryder reveg

  14. Blueberry at one month

    Blueberry at one month

    bag seed coco
  15. Mama TK spreads out

    Mama TK spreads out

    This afternoon I tied two more branches outwards to allow for growth. The new branches coming out look promising. Where is she taking me?
  16. Let there be seeds

    Let there be seeds

    Mama TK x Studley Oct 2019
  17. 21st Century Wild - Mama TK reveg

    21st Century Wild - Mama TK reveg

    I have gently drawn two branches outwards to make space for new growth
  18. Aphid


    I have seen two this morning. It appears that there are none on Mama TK, which is a sign of her natural resistance and resilience.
  19. Aphid Gnat?

    Aphid Gnat?

    First signs this morning. Time to step up the game.
  20. Young stem

    Young stem

    My Blueberry No 1 at four weeks from sprout. Outdoor, coco perlite.
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