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  1. R

    PH down liquid or powder

    I had bought a liquid PH kit that came with 2 small bottles of DOWN and UP. I literally used almost 70% of the PH DOWN just to get two 5 gallon reservoirs (buckets) to 5.8-6.0 PH which I had only put roughly 3 gallons of 7.6 PH water in each reservoir. For 1 gallon of the liquid PH DOWN is...
  2. H


    I have a drug test on the 13th of July. I am still testing dirty as of right now and havent smoked for 37 days. The problem is I was a heavy smoker and also have had gastric sleeve surgery on my stomach, so its only hold 8 ounces of liquid at one time. I am having a hard time diluting my urine...
  3. S

    Please Help New Backyard Grow

    Hello, was wondering if I could get some additional advice on my first ever grow, backyard outdoor. Strain : Northern lights Auto Flower Fem Location: Massachusetts Growing medium : Basecamp Potting soil in 3 gallon fabric pots. Looking for a quick grow that won't need too much...
  4. G

    When you guys talk about Seaweed & Kelp

    ...I am wondering what exactly you're talking about. Access to this type of stuff is pretty limited in the area. I'd love to show you a pic / link of the stuff that is available, but I guess it'll be rightfully marked as spam. Especially since this is my first post. Hello, by the way. :21...
  5. G

    Reusing Soil Opinions?

    Hey world, What are your thoughts on reusing previously run soil? I'm using Miracle Gro Nature's Care Organic Potting Soil (green bag) cut with 20-33% Vigoro Perlite and feel like I'm wasting a lot of soil by buying new bags for each run. I think the recommendation would be to buy new...
  6. N

    Mycorrhizae! Any one experienced with it?

    So I'm looking to add mycorrhizae to my outdoor and indoor plants, i was going to use with liquid fertilizer also. does anyone have and good experience on this root fungus?
  7. P

    PH test liquid

    I accidentally feed my plant with this liquid 3 drops in 4L water will my plant die?
  8. Amadeus Forzin

    Magic E-cig juice

    A few people around the place have been asking about a cannabis liquid to put into an e cig. I came across these 2 sets of instructions on other sites and thought id copy them over here for the fine folks at 420 magazine to enjoy. Most important thing to remember folks... Safety first I...
  9. Ferboldt

    Is this nutrition burn?

    Hi everyone, Here I have an Lemon OG Haze Aut. Fem from Nirvana. She is 5 weeks from seed in AeroGarden 1gallon with 45w LED lights. I was feeding her with the AeroGarden standard liquid nutritions. After starting with Flora Series; Micro 7.5ml Gro 7.5ml Bloom 7.5ml Got marks...