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  1. K

    New from SoCal!

    Hey guys, I am have been lurking these forums for quite some time and finally decided to join! Rookie grower, primarily only outdoor and greenhouse and looking to step into indoor for better quality meds! Looking to learn and listen!
  2. Gardenseed

    Good "getting high" music.

    I'm looking to expand my knowledge of music. What do you listen to when you chilling these days?
  3. CrimsonChronic

    Random Bag Seed Adventure

    Greetings all! I've decided to start a journal, to track the progress of my little ones.. I don't have much experience as this is my second grow, but I am willing to listen and learn from the experts. I planted 2 seeds a few weeks ago, both I had gathered from recent bags but I can't remember...
  4. T

    Just another newbie

    Hi from E Ontario, new at growing here to listen and learn.